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14 November 2008

Dear ARM Club member,

It is with our deepest regret that after almost 20 years we are ceasing publishing Eureka magazine and will no longer take paid memberships of the club. Over the past year it has become increasingly difficult to source articles for the magazine, and we feel the quality and issue dates have slipped unacceptably.

We have put a lot of thought into how best to serve our members, and not just to close and abandon you. We have always considered Archive to be an excellent magazine, and closest in character and aims to Eureka. As it continues to enjoy a strong following under its publisher and editor Jim Nagel, we have struck an agreement with him to convert your membership into an Archive membership.

You will be sent one copy of Archive for each copy of Eureka that you would have received in your remaining membership - plus one, so that all of you receive at least two issues of Archive to get to know it. If you are already an Archive subscriber, you will get this number of copies added to your existing subscription period. I hope those of you who are new to Archive will continue to subscribe after you have received the initial issues. Although an Archive subscription costs more per year than ARM Club membership, Archive is published more often, so the cost is exactly proportional. I'm sure you will enjoy the quality of Archive's contents.

The ARM Club website, including free software and the DiscKnight ordering system, will remain available, and the technical help service will now be freely available to all, for as long as I'm able to provide it.

I'd like to thank all of our members for their support and dedication over the years. All those who have served on the committee have greatly enjoyed their part in supporting the Acorn/ RISC OS community, and we look back on the shows we've organised and attended, which have given us the chance to meet our members, as the highlight of the experience.

Yours sincerely

David J. Ruck (Chairman)

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