A new desktop touch typing package for Acorn computers

Fed up with the time taken by typing on your computer? Still using only two fingers? You need to learn how to touch type which can drastically improve your speed and accuracy.

Quite simply, TypeTutor, will take you through a series of carefully designed excercises, introducing the basics of Touch Typing, progressing to a selection of traditional typing excercises, and then onto a large collection of resource files, which can be added to by the user.

TypeTutor is a complete touch typing tutor available from The ARM Club. It has been updated to include full compatability with the Risc PC, the only Typing Tutor available to do so!

At all times TypeTutor maintains an acurate display of the computer keyboard, and diagram of your hands, and indicates on these exactly which key is to be pressed next and by which finger. TypeTutor also updates a planned score board, cataloguing your mistakes, your speed and accuracy. All this in the multitasking desktop!

You can download ArcFS for free as a Spark archive or a Zip archive. A PDF version of the manual is also available.

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