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All the software listed on this page is written by David J. Ruck and is not supported by The ARM Club. Any questions should be directed to

All programs, unless otherwise stated, are 32 bit neutral and have been tested on RISC OS 5, they will require the 32bit Shared C Library. All C/C++code has been recompiled with non-aligned memory accesses disabled for compatibility with the Cortex-A8 processor, however assembler components have not been checked, so overall compatibility cannot be guaranteed. Select 1 users may require a loader. Many of the programs will no longer work on pre-ARM6 (RISC OS 3.1) machines, older unsupported 26 bit versions of the applications and modules can be downloaded here.

Desktop Utilities


3.87 (31-Aug-2015) [32bit]
Provides 6 desktop workspaces to prevent cluttered screens. Windows can be placed on separate workspaces which can be instantly switched between. Windows can live on more than one workspace, and each workspace can use a different screen mode and palette.

2.61 (18-Jun-1998) [32bit]
Desktop front end to *commands. Simple launching by dragging files to the iconbar, and then runs the command in a multitasking window.

4.04 (19-Jan-2021) [32bit]
Graphic taskwindows, allows full graphical display from programs running in taskwindows, supporting mode and palette changes. Also passes on the mouse position relative to the window, even when scaled. Version 4.04 has been recompiled to fix problems on the Raspberry Pi 4B.

3.20 (07-Nov-2004) [32bit]
Graphical display of free space on a disc. Replaces window produced by the Free menu entry of the filers. Has a real compaction button for old D format HDs.

2.51 (12-Jul-1995) [32bit]
Brightness/Contrast/Gamma control of the screen in any mode, plus apply current settings to sprites.

2.00 (26-Feb-1994) [32bit]
Drawing tool. Enables you to draw one half of a shape in any drawing or painting programs and instantly see what the whole object will look like when copied and flipped.

0.42 (06-Nov-2002) [26/32bit]
Pin Play uses the multitasking Replay3 technology incorporated in !ARMovie 0.53 or later to play movies on the Pinboard. Up to nine movies can be played simultaneously.

2.00 (15-Feb-1994) [26bit]
Improves colourtrans display in modes with 8 bpp or less. Enables !Draw to display upto 8192 colours in a 256 colour mode. (Not RISC OS 4 or 5).

System Monitoring


1.30 (11-Apr-2020) [32bit]
Monitors events and messages delivered to all running applications, displays call counts and time spent in applications to microsecond accuracy.

2.20 (11-Apr-2020) [32bit]
Monitors SWI call activity on entire machine or selected tasks.

1.20 (10-Apr-2021) [32bit]
Monitors Module Service call activity on entire machine or selected tasks.

1.20 (10-Apr-2021) [32bit]
Monitors calls to system vectors with reason code display, for the entire machine or selected tasks.

3.30 (11-Apr-2020) [32bit]
Improved CPU usage application, supports multiple windows and displays load of entire machine or selected tasks.

Code Analysis


0.67 (03-Oct-2021) [32bit]

ARMalyser is an ARM code analyser that understands RISC OS and ELF executable, module, object and library formats. It can output disassembly or ObjAsm assembly styles, in plain text, fully hyperlinked and syntax coloured HTML, XML or custom formats for import into Impression, EasiWriter and Ovation Pro.

It is designed to check code for unpredictable and 26bit only instructions in programs to help porting to 32bit only systems. It can also detect non optimal instruction sequences on StrongARM and XScale cores. It's range of output options and recognition and annotation of file types, code, data and debu structures, make it useful for other debugging and investigation purposes.



3.02 (21-Mar-1994) [32bit]
Solves Channel 4's infuriating Countdown programme's words and numbers puzzles. (As featured by Acorn User).

1j (18-Sep-2004) [32bit]
Provides bitmap format conversion and image processing command line utilities, designed to run on RISC OS, UNIX and Win32 platforms. Supplied with RISC OS desktop front end scripts for use with !ComndCTRL.



1.10 (24-Nov-2002) [32bit]
Dismounts a floppy disc by clicking on the drive icon with the right mouse button.

1.30 (24-Nov-2002) [32bit]
Ejects the CD by clicking on the CDFS icon with the right mouse button, and closes the drawer again on a click with the left button.

1.10 (24-Nov-2002) [32bit]
Dismounts and ejects a removable SCSI disc when clicking on the drive icon with the right mouse button.

1.10 (24-Nov-2002) [32bit]
Dismounts and ejects a ZIP disc when clicking on the drive icon with the right mouse button.

2.10 (24-Nov-2002) [32bit]
Automatically turns interlace on when displaying a mode with less than 480 lines to prevent gaps between lines on large monitors. (Has no affect on machines with graphics cards).

4.19 (11-Jun-2020) [32bit]
Provides SWIs and *commands for timing to microsecond accuracy. Uses IOC/IOMD timer on old machines, and new HAL features on RISC OS 5 machines. ARM2 compatibility courtesy of David Thomas. Source code provided.

1.92 (29-Oct-2002) [32bit]
Manipulates windows using *command's that may be placed in obey files, features include:
  • Ensure a task is running or issue *command.
  • Remove a task if running.
  • Open a file in an editor and move the window.
  • Move/resize a window and send to top/bottom.
  • Close a window if open.
  • Automatically select from a window/iconbar menu.
  • Type a string into a window.
  • Send a key press to a window including special keys.
  • Simulate iconbar click.
  • Dump positions of all open windows as WO_OpenWind commands in an obey file.

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