ArcFS is a archiving/compression tool that packs one or more files into an archive so that they can be moved around more conveniently. In addition the files are compressed in the archive so that the archive is normally smaller than the total size of the files it contains.

ArcFS allows the loading and opening of files in archives as easily as files on ADFS or RamFS. It has its own ArcFS filer which displays the root directory in a filer window of any archive which is double clicked. From then on files and applications may be loaded as normal by double clicking them. Directories may be displayed also by double clicking them. ArcFS can, of course, also be used from the command line. Facilities for loading encrypted files are included, via a preferences window which can be obtained by clicking on the ArcFS icon.

You can download ArcFS for free as a Spark archive or a Zip archive. If you do not already have anything that will unpack Spark or Zip archives then you should download the read only version of ArcFS and use it to extract the Spark archive. The read-only version of ArcFS is supplied as a self extracting archive which should be unpacked by changing the type of the supplied file to "Utility" (&FFC) and then running it.

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