Do you have a hard disc which is suffering problems? Press F12 and type:

*checkmap <drive no>

for each of your drives. If you don't get "Map good", or you have experienced errors such as "Broken Directory" or the dreaded "Disc not understood", then the disc has a problem.

If your disc does have one of these problems then DiscKnight may be the answer you've been looking for.

DiscKnight is a disc checker and fixer for FileCore E and E+ format hard discs which incorporates fixes for a large number of problems.

DiscKnight is the first tool to include support for the new E+ format introduced with RISC OS 4 to provide support for long filenames and large directories.

Want to know what DiscKnight can do for you?

Want to know if your disc has any problems? Then download the DiscKnight disc checker and run it to check the health of your hard discs.

The DiscKnight disc checker available here has now been updated to version 1.55 so if you have previously downloaded it you may like to obtain a new copy of the latest version.

32-Bit Compatability

DiscKnight is fully 26/32 bit neutral and runs equally well on newer 32-bit machines as well as older RISC OS computers.

ARMv7 Compatability

DiscKnight has been compiled for ARMv7 compatibility so will run on systems such as the Beagleboard and Raspberry Pi with alignment exceptions turned on.

Raspberry Pi

DiscKnight has been updated to handle the format of the SD card used in the Raspberry PI which has both a FileCore partition and a bootable DOS partition.

RISC OS 5.20 onwards

DiscKnight can handle the modified Filecore format in RISC OS 5.20 onwards, which allows for file sizes of up to 4GB, and maps spanning more than disc zone. It also has support for discs up to 256GB and 4K sector sizes introduced in RISC OS 5.23

Ordering DiscKnight

DiscKnight is available from the Pling Store and costs £14.99 inclusive of VAT. Updates to purchases from the Pling Store will be available free of charge through the Pling Store

Registered users who purchased copies from The ARM Club can obtain an update to the latest version here. If you change your email address after you have registered then you can register your change of address here.


Any questions relating to the purchase or use of DiscKnight should be sent to discknight[at]armclub[dot]org[dot]uk.

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