Change Email Address

This page allows you to change the registered email address for your copy of DiscKnight. This is the address to which notifications of updates and other important messages will be sent and to which you may request updates to be sent by using our update request page.

In order to change your email address you will need to know the serial number of your copy of DiscKnight, along with the currently registered email address.

Your serial number can be found on the first line of the output when you run DiscKnight, and should be 8 digits long. Some early copies had a 7 digit serial number, which should be converted to 8 digits by adding a zero after the first three digits.

In order to change your registered email address, please complete the following form and submit it:

Serial number 

Old email address 

New email address 

If you do not know your serial number or experience problems attempting to change your address then please contact DiscKnight support for assistance.

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