Issue 15

Club News : Editorial
User Groups - where you can share your problems and experiences Acorn User Spring Show - in Harrogate

Review : PC486 Card
Some opinions on being able to turn their RISC OS machine into a PC by plugging in an upgrade card

Review : PC486 Card
The long awaited (486/33MHz) card from Acorn Computers is now available, so what's it really like to use

Events : Harrogate Show
The third annual Acorn User Spring Show will be a fun event

Club News : Club corner
News and developments in The ARM Club - including some new faces in the Committee and technical support usage

Club News : ARM '95 South
A report about The ARM Club's recent Open Day event at Merton Court School in Sidcup - Kent

Review : Sleuth 2
The latest version of Beebug's OCR package is good news for all DTP enthusiasts

Club News : Anaquiz
New regular competition page

Regulars : Arnold's observations
What do you think? Is the Internet too free? Or is it the last place for truth and free expression?

Club News : Writing articles for Eureka
If there is a topic that you feel would be of interest to other members why not consider writing an article about it

Review : Easy Font 3
A look at the new features in the latest version of Fabis Computing's font management system

Review : Risc PC 16-bit Sound Card
The latest hardware/software upgrade from Expressive Software Projects (ESP) to Acorn's newest machine

Hints & Tips : Badgemaking with the
Archimedes Part 3 - Using an A5000 with video capture and a colour inkjet printer

Education : ERIC International
The story behind the Educational Resources In Computing (ERIC) software company

News : Acorn news
Including products available at the Harrogate Show, free video for primary schools, InsighT '95 and Tesco promotion

Club News : Letter from the Chairman
The Chairman, Steve Arnold, writes about the formation of local User Groups and their relationship with The ARM Club

Review : Acorn C/C++
First impressions on using Acorn's new programmers' development environment and in particular its new Toolbox suite

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including Pocket Books in education, PD software, links and machines and additions to the Psion Series 3a range

Review : Langdale
Creative Curriculum Software's CD-ROM based package aimed at the educational market and Geographers in particular

Review : 8Mb RAM upgrade
How IFEL's 4 to 8Mb hardware upgrade was fitted to an A440/1 which may or may not require additional "surgery" performing

Communications : FTP on the Internet
Explaining how to use File Transfer Protocol on the Internet

Hints & Tips : Tessellation revisited
Part 2 - Further ideas for using Draw to create tessellating patterns

Review : PDCD-1 and ClipArt
Two new CD-ROMs containing PD software - Issue 2 of PDCD-1 from CD Circle and ClipArt from APDL

Club News : Electronic mail
The ARM Club is in the process of expanding its support for electronic correspondents

Review : Betsi
An educational historical adventure from 4Mation set in England at the end of the Tudor period

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
The latest version of the PD catalogue - also note that a Pocket Book section has been added

Eureka Disc : ClipArt and Jarman
Some example clip art from the APDL ClipArt CD-ROM and from Chris Jarman

Eureka Disc : Director
Allows you to customise your desktop by creating menus of useful commands and icons to which to attach the menus

Eureka Disc : FracPaint
A shareware multi-tasking RISC OS application to create images of fractal formulas

Eureka Disc : Internet
Text files containing a list of Acorn Dealers and FAQ (frequently asked questions) about starting up with the Internet

Eureka Disc : Lottery
Will analyse all the previous National Lottery numbers to give you some idea of their likelihood of appearing

Eureka Disc : Snowstorm
A very silly program which might not even quit the desktop properly

Review : Play On Words
A new educational package for children learning English from Cordelia Jones

Review : Rosie & Jim
One of Sherston Software's Talking Activities educational packages for young children

Review : Simon the Sorcerer
Very positive comments on this hit adventure game from GamesWare in three different reviews

Review : Oddball and Big Bang
Two budget games - Oddball by Digital Psychosis and Big Bang by Psycore

Review : Dune II The Battle For Arrakis
Stand your ground and fight a great battle in this strategy game from Eclipse

Eureka Disc : The ARM Club Discounts
scheme The latest information on The ARM Club's money saving scheme - also on Eureka disc

Review : Arcturus
Manoeuvre your gyroscope around the levels and collect all of the diamonds in this game from Oregan Software Developments

Club News : Final thoughts
The Club keeps on growing - and so do the demands on the time and resources of the volunteers on the Committee

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