Issue 14

Club News : Editorial
The truth - Acorn needs to find better ways of communicating with its users The launch of the Club Newsletter

Review : ProArtisan 24
Clares Micro Supplies' new 24 bit graphics package has the technology to tweak and fiddle with images as never before

Review : Driving Test
10 out of 10 Software's package contains 6 games designed to teach certain facets of the highway code along with other motoring questions

Club News : Club corner
Recent Club events and some future plans

Club News : South Wales Open Day
A report on a wet and windy day in event which took place in December

Club News : ARM '94
A report on the Midlands Open Day event which took place in November

Regulars : Arnold's observations
On making assumptions and how "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself"

Club News : Club training courses 1995
Pocket Book and DTP Plus courses are planned to take place in February and March

Club News : Annual General Meeting
The ARM Club AGM will be held on the day of the Spring Open Day event in March

Review : Formulix
Computer Concepts' new equation editing package simplifies the incorporation of equations into printed documents

Review (correction) : ARMLock
A correction to the review in Eureka 13 concerning the default file access string for Digital Services' package

Review : James Pond
Water, water everywhere....a preview of an educational package from Skillsware featuring the Thames Water ring main

Review : 486PC Card
A preview of Acorn Computers' long awaited upgrade card

Review : Replay Starter Kit
A new product from Acorn Computers intended for serious users of Replay

Review : The Risc Disc
A CD-ROM from Uniqueway featuring commercial demos, PD/Shareware and other resources

Review : 5 Little Logos
First Logo from Longman Logotron, Desktop Screen Turtle from Topologika, GoGo from NW SEMERC, Almost Logo from Advisory Unit Hatfield and Turtle from Porters Primary Software

Review : Utilabel
Le Computer's new printing application which claims to be the ultimate labelling solution

Club News : Suffolk Acorn Risc Club
A new local user group for all users of Acorn RISC computers who live in East Anglia

Club News : South Wales lectures
The South Wales Area Group is planning a series of lectures concerning digital imaging

Review : Desktop Hacker
Two reviews of the latest game cheating software from Doggysoft

Review : ArtWorks ClipArt
Following on from the ArtWorks clip art competition Computer Concepts has produced its second clip art CD-ROM

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including a brief review of the features of the Pocket Book II, lack of password facilities and batteries

Eureka Disc : PocketBook
Includes PhoneDay (tools from Psion), Printers (new printer drivers), Sorter (sorts Cards databases) and GPlot (graph plotter)

Review : Albert's House
An educational program for young learners from Resource

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
The PD Library now has a catalogue program that is desktop compatible

Eureka Disc : Interface
Module required by MemoryPie - on Eureka disc 13

Eureka Disc : AppDock2
An application dock program that allows application icons to be arranged and started without dealing with directory windows

Eureka Disc : Banner & BanEd
Displays banners on the desktop for a pre-determined time

Eureka Disc : Bannerz
A selection of RISC OS 3.00+ desktop welcome banners to personalise the start-up screen

Eureka Disc : EasyMode
A short program which can be used in place of the RISC OS 3.5 display manager - Risc PC only

Eureka Disc : Fonter
Allows the spacing between letters in outline fonts to be (easily) adjusted

Eureka Disc : Strokes - FourSt & TwoSt
Simple demos of 4 and 2 stroke engines respectively

Eureka Disc : MellowOut
A screen saver to give the monitor a change of scenery (? not included on disc)

Eureka Disc : MoreIBar
Provides a second icon bar that can be "rolled-up" and scrolled with a real scroll bar

Eureka Disc : MouseAxess
A module which allow windows to be moved around easily

Eureka Disc : NRA 1
Contains Impression Style documents to help write up the National Record of Achievement pages

Eureka Disc : Quotes
A small utility to replace neutral with smart quotes on the fly without having to resort to the numeric keypad

Eureka Disc : Scrabble
A desktop Scrabble game - there is no help file but it is very straightforward to use

Eureka Disc : Spex
An interactive help program - sometimes known as a textfile reader

Eureka Disc : Strip
A program designed to remove any leading or trailing spaces from a text file

Eureka Disc : Willy
A version of the Jet Set Willy game so beloved by Spectrum users

Eureka Disc : ZoneClock
Provides an international clock for the RISC OS desktop

Eureka Disc : PRMvol5
Contains a textfile produced by Acorn containing a list of known errata and omissions for the RISC OS 3 PRM

Eureka Disc : Discounts
The latest news about The ARM Club discounts scheme

Review : Sim City 2000
There's more than town planning in this simulation game (for A5000 and Risc PC only) from Krisalis Software

Review : Wolfenstein 3D
A mindlessly violent bit of this game from Powerslave Software

Review : E-Type 2 - The Pink Lady
Another E-Typical experience in this sequel from the 4th Dimension to its original racing game

Review : Formula Two Thousand
FTT is a racing game from TBA Software set in the future where hi-tech cars tear round twisting tracks in deep space

Review : Star Fighter 3000
FedNet's air combat/strategy game where contestants play through the gameshow and complete missions

Review : Cannon Fodder
Take command of a bunch of soldiers and guide them through a series of missions in this war game from Krisalis Software

News : Acorn news
Including advertising Risc PC & A3010, launch of Clan Acorn, 486PC card availability and new ARM7500 processor

Club News : Final thoughts
Each year of the Club's existence has brought accelerated growth but 1994 has exceeded all expectations

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