Issue 10

Club News : Editorial
The best way to get the most out of your computer experiences is to share them

Review : Navigator
An educational package from Topologika to teach the use of navigational systems and an understanding of mapping

Club News : Christmas Open Day & AGM
A report on the event which took place in early December in North London

Review : Floating Point Accelerator
Acorn's hardware add-on designed to speed up operations involving CAD, fractal or raytracing programs

Review : WordWorks
A combined thesaurus and dictionary from Computer Concepts for use with other DTP programs as well as CC's Impression

Club News : Discounts scheme
An update on the scheme operated by The ARM Club for the benefit of members

Review : SuperGram II
William Tunstall-Pedoe's anagram program that tries to compile sentences by rearranging the letters out of a phrase

Review : Monotype Font Collection 1
LOOKsystems' Pack 1 contains 100 fonts converted to Acorn format from the Monotype library

Regulars : Arnold's observations
After too much food, drink and Christmas television, some New Year suggestions & tips for 1994

Review : Rephorm
A comparative review of Oak Solutions' new morphing package with Morpheus from Oregan Developments

Review : EasiWriter range update
Updates for Icon Technology's popular range of word processing packages are now available

Events : Acorn World '93
A report on the major Acorn event which included: Acorn Gallery, Games arcade, Acorn Publishing, Education and more...

Review : Programmer's Reference Manual
Acorn's very comprehensive guide to programming all RISC OS based computers

Review : FireWorkz
Colton Software's latest package that integrates Wordz (word processing) and Resultz (spreadsheet)

Programming : ARM coding
Part 3 - including passing variables from BASIC to ARM code routines - also on Eureka disc

Review : Artworks ClipArt CD
Computer Concepts' first ever product on CD-ROM contains over 200 example ArtWorks files

Review : Demons Lair
One of a batch of recent games releases from the 4th Dimension includes this isometric puzzle type game

Review : The Crystal Maze
The cult TV game show series has seen its first Archimedes computer version from Sherston Software

Review : Phaethon
This first game from System Interrupt is a cross between a race game and a puzzle game

Hints & Tips : Hard disc comment
A request for help in compiling hardware compatibility information plus details of hard discs available from APDL

Eureka Disc : AWViewer
Computer Concepts' application for viewing ArtWorks files - 'gem' and 'pure' included on Eureka disc

Eureka Disc : filo94
A Draw file of a personal organiser sized "year on one sheet"

Eureka Disc : TurboCopy
Makes multiple copies of a single disc and formats the target disc(s)

Programming : Sprite handling
Part 1 - The use of sprites in the RISC OS non-WIMP environment - only on Eureka disc

Eureka Disc : WowPix
An introduction to the world of autostereograms (pictures which contain a hidden 3D image when viewed correctly)

Eureka Disc : BootPass
Contains a system of passwords where each password can load a different !Boot file

Eureka Disc : Hatris
A game of trying to stack dropping hats on to matching hats

Eureka Disc : MacHFS
A utility which allows Apple Macintosh high density discs to be read

Eureka Disc : Magniscope
Zoom in and out of the desktop, alter the aspect ratio etc

Eureka Disc : Porting
A desktop silly which can introduce black holes into the desktop display

Eureka Disc : Psion
Converts Psion3/Pocket Book PIC files to mode 13 sprite files

Eureka Disc : Particle
Two simple particle simulations (of sand and water)

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
An early version of The ARM Club's PD Library Catalogue viewer with the latest catalogue itself

Hints & Tips : Letterbox
Helpful hints on: BASIC programming, Draw & Genesis - plus the establishment of local user groups

Review : Digital Masterpieces
TMJ Computer Software have recently released two volumes of music

Club News : Software & hardware
development Ideas please for software or hardware development that might be undertaken

News : Acorn news
Including new monitor, new Networking System, RISC OS 3 price rise, Pocket Book special offer & Christmas Campaign

Club News : Final thoughts
"What will 1994 bring for the Acorn market?"

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