Issue 9

Club News : Welcome
"The Acorn market is looking very healthy, and the Club itself is expanding fast ...."

Review : Morpheus
Oregan Developments new morphing package can create the effect of one image transforming into another image

Club News : Forthcoming events & plans
The ARM Club has other plans as well as exhibiting at the Acorn World Show and holding its Christmas Open Day/AGM

Review : Font Directory
LOOKsystem's new application provides facilities for managing multiple fonts

Communications : Exploring the Internet
Roaming the Internet from the comfort of your living room with the aid of Demon Internet Services and a modem - also on Eureka disc

Review : FasterPC
A new alternative PC emulation package from David Lawrence and a comparison with Acorn's own PC Emulator

Events : Acorn World '93
A preview of the biggest Acorn event of the year which will also be attended by The ARM Club

Regulars : Arnold's observations
Expressing concerns over sex, violence and videogames and their possible effect on children

Review : Sleuth
The first Optical Character Recognition (OCR) package from Risc Developments

Review : Lexicon
Stallion Software's educational language teaching aid includes French, German and Russian

Review : Resultz
The much heralded spreadsheet package from Colton Software

Review : Larger
A utility application from Warm Silence Software to provide a desktop many times larger than the screen area

Review : Event
ExPLAN Software UK's RISC OS desktop diary can also output files compatible with the Pocket Book & Psion Series 3

Programming : ARM coding
Part 2 - introducing various concepts: hexadecimal notation, ARM instruction set etc. - also on Eureka disc

Review : Assembler Help
Stallion Software's utility (provided as a StrongHelp application) covers ARM, BASIC & desktop assembler instructions

Review : Acorn Videos
Acorn has recently published two marketing videos aimed at the home consumer market

Review : Stunt Racer 2000
The 4th Dimension's stunt car racing game can also be played on two computers via a serial link

Review : Blood Sport
A budget beat 'em-up game from Matt Black Software

Review : The Dungeon
The 4th Dimension's latest release is a role-playing game involving collecting treasure and killing monsters

Review : Kim's Game
A traditional parlour game made into a fun educational and memory game by Le Computer

Review : Almanac
Features of the latest version (1.21) of this personal organisation package from Stallion Software

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
The current catalogue is that which will be available at the Acorn World Show

Eureka Disc : Basic-M/C
A useful utility that converts BASIC files so that they can only be run and not listed or loaded

Eureka Disc : BeepError
Allows the assignment of a chosen sound sample to an error message

Eureka Disc : Creepie2
A Centipede type game (NB. ARM3 users will need to turn the Cache Off)

Eureka Disc : FileTree
Produces the file tree structure of any disc as a Draw file

Eureka Disc : ProLabel
Can be used to produce commercial quality disc labels incorporating Draw files along with text

Eureka Disc : BLibII
Contains a link program and a useful collection of procedures and functions for programmers in BASIC

Eureka Disc : NoMemPrnt
A short application that allows printing of text files without a large (in memory terms) printer driver

Eureka Disc : VUMeter

Review : DISS
Doggysoft's "all singing all dancing Desktop disassembler" including a comparison with some of its rivals

Hints & Tips : Letterbox
Can the education market afford to keep up with new Acorn computers? Using wrongly formatted discs can lose data!

Review : Calc
Circular Triangles' commercial version of the well-known shareware spreadsheet

News : Acorn news
Including: RISC OS 3 Style Guide, Pocket Book special offer, prices reductions to Acorn range and better specified A5000s

Club News : Final thoughts
"The vast majority (of Acorn computers) are bought for use in schools and colleges, followed by those used in the home ...."

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