Issue 8

Club News : Editorial
"Should Acorn try to regain its technological advantage, possibly sacrificing some compatibility ...."

Review : The Early Essentials, English
and Maths Number A look at the latest educational releases from Ten Out Of Ten

Review : Topographer
Clares Micro Supplies' mapping package can create a 2D map and convert it into a 3D view of the landscape

Club News : The ARMed Trust
The formation of a new special interest group with plans to assist non-technical users

Review : Advance
Acorn's new four part package comprising wordprocessor, spreadsheet, database and graph elements

Hints & Tips : Computers in the Home
Computers aren't just for playing games, writing letters etc. - they can form part of many include many other devices

Review : StrongED
The new commercial version from Stallion Software of this popular program editor

Club News : Discounts scheme
The latest details of the scheme for obtaining savings on the cost of software and hardware

Regulars : Arnold's observations
"Computers: Friend or Foe?" - some personal predictions for technological progress in the future

Review : Serenade
The latest MIDI sequencer package from Clares Micro Supplies

Events : BBC Acorn User Spring Show
A report on some of the latest software and hardware releases at the Harrogate Show

Review : Almanac
The latest program from Stallion Software takes the Filofax to new heights

Review : Graphics enhancer cards
A discussion on the two leading products for improving graphics capability - from Computer Concepts and the State Machine

Programming : BBC BASIC 1.05
Some of the more useful enhancements of the version of BASIC supplied with RISC OS 3.1 over the RISC OS 2 version

Review : Label Printer
A commercial label printing program from Software 42

Programming : ARM coding
Part 1 - an introduction to programming the processor directly in machine code - also on Eureka disc

Review : Clipart
Two packages available in Draw file format from Software 42 (4 discs) and Smart DTP (5 discs)

Review : Virtual Golf
The 4th Dimension's latest release (from the same author as Holed Out)

Review : Cycloids
The latest platform game from Software 42

Club News : Magazine matters
"This magazine exists to publish material written by members for members ...."

Review : Axis
Work through several levels of action (or mayhem) in this game from TBA Software

Review : Black Angel
A 3D space adventure game from the 4th Dimension

Review : ARM Code
A compilation disc from back issues of the Vituality disc based magazine

Review : Archimedes Visual Backup
A new utility package from Dabhand Computing

Eureka Disc : 3DTetris
Like normal Tetris except that the game is played in a 3D grid and the shapes can be rotated in 3 directions

Eureka Disc : AddLabel
A small program to print addresses onto address labels

Eureka Disc : Calc
A cutdown shareware version of the full spreadsheet program

Eureka Disc : CloseWin
A program to help keep the desktop tidy by closing all the open windows associated with a given task

Eureka Disc : Database
A simple database program

Eureka Disc : DeskZOOM
Allows the amalgamation of different application's !Boot and !Sprite files into single "master" versions

Eureka Disc : Genotype
Illustrates a genetic principle

Eureka Disc : Grabber
A utility for grabbing screenshots

Eureka Disc : GraphicEq
Plays with a Tracker tune

Eureka Disc : HotKey
Sets up some hotkeys (shortcuts) to help with some aspects of disc management

Eureka Disc : HourMake
A utility to help design different hourglasses

Eureka Disc : PrintEmul
An Epson FX compatible printer emulator for graphics

Eureka Disc : Art
Examples in Sprite file format

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
The current PD software catalogue

Hints & Tips : Thackers thoughts
Some views on publishing from the former editor

Quick Hints & Tips :
Wiping the contents of a disc fast, avoiding data loss with a DOS disc and opening a directory viewer quickly

Club News : Help service
Free technical support is available to members of The ARM Club

Communications : Domestic 'phone usage
Through the mediums of electronic mail and facsimile a telephone line is much more than it ever was in the past

News update : Acorn news
Educational Directory on CD-ROM, CeBIT Show in Germany, launch of Discovery pack, Pocketbook promotion and updated RISC OS 3 Programmers' Reference Manual

Club News : Final thoughts
"Whatever you do with your Acorn computer, use it, enjoy it and share it with other people!"

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