Issue 7

Club News : Editorial
"Software for the Archimedes is generally relatively cheap compared with that for other computers ...."

Hints & Tips : Second hand - second rate
How to get more for your money by buying second hand hardware and software

Club News : Education division
The launch of a new educational scheme involving the publication of regular "ARMed" discs

Review : Wordz
Colton Software's new word-processor contains all of the features expected of such a package

Regulars : Arnold's observations
There are many reasons and motivations for computer users to join - or even form - a user group

Club News : Training courses
Details of a one day course for users in Wales and a series of courses to be held in north-west London

Review : Gribbly's Day Out
A platform game from Coin Age

Review : Spheres of Chaos
Two contrasting reviews of an Asteroids style game from Matt Black

Club News : PD review
The results of a mailshot to determine the level of service offered by other PD libraries

Events : BBC Acorn User Spring Show
The ARM Club will be exhibiting at the Spring Show to be held in Harrogate

Review : Smart stuff
Smart Resources, Smart Borders 2 & Plus, Smart Works and Mathematical Resources - all from Smart DTP

Review : EasiWriter
Icon Technology's new package combines ease of use with a host of powerful features

Review : The Hacker
The author describes the development of this product - cut-down version on Eureka Disc

Eureka Disc (was 3) : Catalogue
The Catalogue has been altered a little and Tracker modules have been added

Eureka Disc (was 3) : ArcFSInfo
An ArcFS2 support application which provides information on an archive or archived object

Eureka Disc (was 3) : BurstPipe
A game involving the repair of all the leaking pipes on any of the 7 levels

Eureka Disc (was 3) : Crackle
Switches Tracker tunes and other sounds to right stereo - handy if the left speaker is blown

Eureka Disc (was 3) : GoodIcon
An Impression document giving guidance to programmers on designing good icons

Eureka Disc (was 3) : Huffman
Generates efficient binary codes

Eureka Disc (was 3) : Protector
A crude but probably effective bastion against the evils of viruses and theft

Eureka Disc (was 3) : RunProd
It's sole purpose is to produce !Run and !Boot files

Eureka Disc (was 3) : 1wpDiction
Contains two dictionary files for 1st Word Plus releases 1 and 2

Eureka Disc (was 3) : FontsPlus
Intended for hard disc and network users and allows fonts to be grouped to avoid existing system problems & restrictions

Eureka Disc (was 3) : PDSCC
Example scans in Sprite file format

Eureka Disc (was 3) : Kecun
Example art images (created using Pro- Artisan & Revelation II) in Sprite file format

Eureka Disc (was 3) : readme
A text file containing material which could not appear in the magazine for one reason or another

Regulars : Write-back extra
A follow-up letter re the Issue 6 Arnold's observations on the world of educational computing

Hints & Tips : Spring clean
Some practical tips on cleaning the mouse, keyboard, A3000, discs and using dust covers

News : Acorn news
At the BETT exhibition, launch of the 3DO games console, Lotus Turbo Challenge II promotion and Computers for Schools

Club News : Final thoughts
"As the days get longer and the nights get shorter don't forget our motto of getting in touch with other members"

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