Issue 6

Club News : Welcome
"The last few months have been an exiting time for Acorn users with the launch of so many new computers"

Hints & Tips : Badgemaking with the
Archimedes Part 2 - Using an A3000 with hand scanner and specialised badge machine

Events : BBC Acorn User Show
A report on the Show at Wembley where ".... there was a vast array of new hardware and software on show ...."

Club News : The ARM Club Open Day
A report on the Open Day held in Mill Hill School in north London

Regulars : Arnold's observations
More personal views on the serious subject of Computers in Education

Review : Squirrel
A multi-tasking and user friendly relational database management system from Digital Services

Communications : Comms special
Using a modem to connect to a local bulletin board need not be expensive and has many benefits

Club News : Club training courses
Details of a series of courses to be held in north London

Hints & Tips : Did you know
How to display details of the Acorn Development Team involved with each version of RISC OS

Events : BBC Acorn User Show
The Show saw the release of a large number of new Archimedes games

Review : Fervour
A game from Clares Micro Supplies which involves steering a sphere along a complicated track

Hints & Tips : Letterbox
A look at The ARM Club's latest postbag

Hints & Tips : Vector drawing
How to create a picture of a frog using Acorn's Draw application

Review : Imagery
The first offering from Palette Studio which offers everything that Acorn's Paint can do and a whole lot more

Regulars : PD scene
A review of some of the latest PD and/or shareware programs

Club News : ARM Club news
Including a report on the AGM, creation of the new Education Section and using the Archimedes Help Service

News : Acorn news update
Including new video controller chip, formation of ARM Ltd, financial results, advertising campaign and Wembley Show

Eureka Disc (was 2) : Impact
A demo version of the general purpose database program from Circle Software

Eureka Disc (was 2) : PDlatest
A text file of the latest additions to The ARM Club's PD library

Eureka Disc (was 2) : AntiVirus
A program to prevent the initial attack of the NetManager, Extend and Module viruses

Eureka Disc (was 2) : AppDock
Allows application icons to be arranged and for applications to be started without using directory windows

Eureka Disc (was 2) : GnuChess
Chess game

Eureka Disc (was 2) : Revenger
Desktop revenger

Eureka Disc (was 2) : Zap
Program text editor

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