Issue 56

There's life in the old system yet

RISC Bytes
A round up of some of the news and happenings over the last couple of months in the RISC OS world.

New booklets from Archive

Geminus (screen acceleration) software now available for purchase

!SICK V1.26
Version 1.26 of !SICK (System Information and configuration Kit) now available

Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club
Charity Auction Results

Mijas Software announce its release

A new (2.10)version has just been released

RiscCAD file viewer
A Freeware RiscCAD Release 10 file viewer is now available

Version 2.4 is now out

AMPlay 2.00
Now available for download from the website

Version 0.52 now available

1.00 for RISC OS just released

Dr Wimp
New release of the package

Version 6.00 is now on the web-site

D3toHTML MP3 Index Page Creator
Available for download

PrtInf update etc.
Two programs have been modified by Thomas Melius on his home page

Updates from the Really Small
Software Company: Sourcery(0.70) SampleEd (0.40) SQLite EprEval

03-Jan-2006 port released

Freeware tool to manipulate TV recordings made by the Siemens Gigaset M740 AV DVB-T receiver

PGP 2.6.3ia
32 bit compatible version now available

version 3.86 available for download

Version 4.02 released

Midlands Road Show 2005
Report by Matt Cook

Pictures from the Midlands Roadshow and the SE Roadshow
Matt Cook and Kevin Wells

The Ron Briscoe Column
In which Rom has many trials and tribulations.

Upgrading a Hard Disc on an A7000+
In which Andy Burgess describes his problems upgrading a hard disc on an A7000+

Winning Games with Logic Part 12
Barry Aulton continues with another instalment in his quest for the perfect game.

Free for All
Andy Burgess's latest look at the PD scene including the GNU C compiler under RISCOS

Druck's Support Tips
Problems with Workspace/Windworks booting

Club Contacts
Who you need and where to send

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