Issue 53

Come on - tell us about it The Editor asks for contributions.

RISC Bytes
A round up of some of the news of happenings over the last couple of months in the RISC OS world.

The rights and responsibilities of
users of PD and Freeware programs Ron Briscoe writes about paying for software

Free for All
In which Andy Burgess describes his change of circumstances and then adds a little about free software

Double Cross Puzzle by Roger King
Your regular chance to test your way with words

SW Show Pictures
In colour

Winning Games with Logic Part 9
Barry Aulton continues the series

Ron's Rubbish Comer
In which Ron cons his daughter into giving him money for his nasty computer habits.

ARM Arena 19
Andrew Weston' s roundup of games for RISC OS.

SW Show Report
Andrew Wyver reports from a sunny SW Show.

Product Review
The Buffalo Air Station Access Point WLA-G54-1

Double Cross Puzzle

Club Contacts
Who you need and where to send

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