Issue 52

Whats in a name? RISC OS or Risc OS? Does it matter

RISC Bytes
A round up of some of the news of happenings over the last couple of months in the RISC OS world.

SE Show at Guildford
The Editor describes a day out at the SE Show

The Perils of Computer Printing
The Editor describes his trials and tribulations in getting issue 51 of Eureka printed

Double Cross Puzzle by Roger King
Your regular chance to test your way with words

The ARM Club Midlands Show
Lewis Andrews reports on the ARM Club's show

Arm Arena
Andrew Weston looks at games developments especially for retro-gamers on the RISC OS scene

Castle USB
Mark Smith delves into the mysterious world of USB

Ron's Rubbish Corner
Rom Briscoe on how to fool (or not) her indoors

Winning Games with Logic
Part 8

Barry Aulton continues ...
RISC OS Rhymes Another poetic masterpiece from Alan Wickham's amazing mechanical RISC OS Wizard

Double Cross Puzzle

Club Contacts
Who you need and where to send

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