Issue 51

RISC Bytes
A short round up of some of the news of happenings over the last couple of months in the RISC OS world.

The Editor looks at one of the best unsung pieces of software for use on RISC OS.

Ron's Adventures with Windows at Work
The ins and outs of working (or not) with Windows(TM) at Ron Briscoe's workplace

Free For All
Andy Burgess looks at Antispam, PERL and WebJames

Double Cross Puzzle by Roger King
Your regular chance to test your way with words

RISC OS Variations
Machines from this year's Wakefield Show

Winning Games with Logic Part 7
Barry Aulton deals with game design

New Membership Card
Our Chairman introduces the new membership card design

Site Seeing: Languages
Sue Clamp explores some foreign language sites on the web.

Double Cross Puzzle

Arm Arena
Andrew Weston continues to look at new developments and re-releases for the RISC OS platform

RISC OS Rhymes
Another poetic masterpiece from Alan Wickham's amazing mechanical RISC OS Wizard

Club Contacts
Who you need and where to send

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