Issue 5

Club News : Editorial
Welcome to a new name - The ARM Club is the new name for Club A3000 - and to new faces in the Committee

News : Birding World
How a high quality monthly subscription magazine for ornithologists came to be produced using the Archimedes

Regulars : Arnold's observations
Some common-sense statements liberally seasoned with personal home-spun philosophy

Education : The school computer room
Acorn computers play a vital role in most schools .... reflections on the effect of computers in the classroom

Review : MIDI Tracker
Add-on package for Tracker that now allows playback via the computer and adds full MIDI keyboard control

Hints & Tips : The virus threat
"If there is one thing that any computer owner dreads .... the infection of all his or her discs by a computer virus"

Hints & Tips : Badgemaking with the
Archimedes Part 1 - The growth of a primary school project to produce badges and keyrings

Club News : Training courses
Details of a series of training courses and master classes to be held in north London

Programming : for WIMPS
A look at Acorn's professional programming environment using their Desktop C and Desktop Assembler products

Review : Gods
A ladders and platforms game converted for the Archimedes by Krisalis Software

Review : Quest for Gold
Krisalis Software's new sports game consists of two parts - a training simulation and an arcade game

Review : Saloon Cars Deluxe
Additional features have now been added to this racing game from the 4th Dimension

Regulars : PD scene
Another look at some of the best/latest PD and/or shareware programs

Hints & Tips : Spick 'n span
Some simple steps to prolong the life of an Acorn computer and enhance its resale value (if you decide to sell it!)

Education : Imagination unlimited
"Computers are extremely flexible tools and can be exploited to their full in the school environment"

Regulars : Letters page
Oh dear - some feedback on the review of Grievous Bodily 'ARM by the program's author

Programming : Why C
The advantages of writing programs for the desktop in C rather than BASIC

Club News : Music Users Group
The ARM Club now has a Music Users Group and is planning further one day specialist courses

Club News : Archimedes Help Service
How to contact and use the new service (which is run independently of the ARM Club - by one of the Club's members)

Club News : Final thoughts
"Much has happened in the last year .... and the next year looks set to be equally exiting"

Eureka Disc (was 1) : AMFtable
A table generator program

Eureka Disc (was 1) : ArcFSInfo
A support application for ArcFS 2 giving information on archives and archived objects

Eureka Disc (was 1) : Catalogue
The ARM Club PD library

Eureka Disc (was 1) : CoreWar
A game played within a simulated computer whereby two programs attempt to 'kill' the other one

Eureka Disc (was 1) : Dissi
Disassembler - ARM source list generator

Eureka Disc (was 1) : DrawCross
This program takes a text file and produces a crossword in Draw file format

Eureka Disc (was 1) : FileAct
Performs actions on (groups of) files and directories optionally recursing through sub-directories

Eureka Disc (was 1) : German
Provides access to the specific German characters without the complications of using Chars

Eureka Disc (was 1) : Horses
A horse race/betting game

Eureka Disc (was 1) : IconFlags
Allows the calculation of the value of icon flags easily without recourse to binary arithmetic

Eureka Disc (was 1) : IconMatch
A pairs game

Eureka Disc (was 1) : Interface
A small module that allows application programmers to implement a colourful and pleasant graphical user interface

Eureka Disc (was 1) : KeyWindow
This program provides an on-screen function keystrip in a window

Eureka Disc (was 1) : Label
Labeller is a label printing program

Eureka Disc (was 1) : MailLabel
Prints out address labels for letters and parcels

Eureka Disc (was 1) : ModeDef
This utility provides an easy way to define bespoke screen modes

Eureka Disc (was 1) : MultiMod
This applications allows modules to be grouped together all in one file and thus loaded faster

Eureka Disc (was 1) : OhNo

Eureka Disc (was 1) : Racer
A racing car game that runs entirely on the icon bar

Eureka Disc (was 1) : S/Tracker
Soundtracker and Tracker module music player

Eureka Disc (was 1) : Scanner
A virus detection program (and will also remove some)

Eureka Disc (was 1) : SlideShow
A simple desktop player for Sprites

Eureka Disc (was 1) : StrongED2
Program text editor

Eureka Disc (was 1) : StrongHlp
Utility that provides help for a variety of programming commands and functions

Eureka Disc (was 1) : PD_Graphic
FastBrot, MakeGIF, MakeTIFF, Translator and a number of different graphic images

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