Issue 49

The Big Need For RISC OS Users

Eureka's next Editor
Andrew Wyver is to take over from issue 51

New RISC OS drivers for photo- quality inkjet printers.

Keeping the cost down
How to cut the cost of your digital photographs.

Home with Virtual Risc PC-SE
You don't have to give up your favourite programs if you've had to start using a PC.

Winning games with logic
Part 5 of our series looks at how to make the right decisions

ARM Arena
Carry on gaming with some new and some familiar titles.

Blake's 7 live on in RISC OS
Read their latest adventure while you wait to see them back on TV.

The Wakefield Show
Looking ahead to the big Yorkshire event.

Site seeing: art for all
You know what you like and here's where to find it.

A lesson in posting
How a Newsgroup works on the Internet.

RISCOS South West
Where to visit the Club's first Show of the year.

The Double Cross puzzle
The words are all there. You just have to find and fit them

How I became a RISC OS nut
The cunning plans that got wifely approval for a spending spree.

Free for all
Some of the best free software and where to find it on the internet or already on your computer.

Problem solved
Our Technical Help team come up with the answers again.

RISC OS Rhymes
The old programmer's lament for the world of punched tape.

The Double Cross solution
Where the words really fitted.

Collector's items
Our cartoon family's view of the future.

Club contacts
Who you need and where to get in touch with them for comments or services.

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