Issue 48

Eureka Needs A New Editor

Fire which cancelled our Show
The disastrous blaze which destroyed the Museum venue.

The RISC OS South East Show
Interesting new products at the Guildford Show.

You only have to ask
...and our Technical Help team will give you the answers however advanced or elementary the question may be.

Mini PCs with RISC OS
Small boxes with Windows which can run RISC OS programs too.

Free for all
The first of a new regular column reviewing the pick of the PD programs and where to find them.

Photodesk : just 16 bits more
How the photo-retouching program was finally converted for Iyonix users.

RISC OS Rhymes
Our poetic computer explores the realms were the wild sprites and pixels dwell.

Crystal gazing
The Omegus family looks into the future.

Site Seeing
Popular science websites, including exciting glimpses at the wonders of space.

Writing for Eureka
Join the Eureka team to see your work in print and get free Club membership.

The Double Cross puzzle
The words are all there. You just have to find the right letters.

Winning games with logic
In part four of our series we follow the ant trails which lead the way to winning games.

The Sys Admin's Christmas
Twelve days of email-borne problems for the festive season.

The Double Cross solution
The words you found and any that stayed hidden.

ARM Arena
Our regular look at the games scene finds some new, eagerly awaited, versions for the Iyonix.

Coming in Eureka 49
Our plans and hopes for the next issue,

Club Contacts
Who you need and where to send.

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