Issue 47

The First Full Report On Omega.

Omega : full report
The first full report from a user of the long awaited new computer.

Completing your auction sale
The final instalment of our series on buying and selling on eBay.

ARM Arena
The latest games and the return of some old, updated, favourites.

The Midlands RISCOS Show
Plan now for your visit to the Club's big Birmingham Show in November.

Internet special :
Internet access in a nutshell The various alternatives available to get you on line.

Internet special :
Choosing an ISP More decisions to make to get the best Internet Service Provider for your needs.

Internet special :
A permanent presence How to keep the same internet address even if you eventually want to change your ISP.

Internet special :
Site seeing : travel & holidays Helpful websites to visit if you're heading for sun or sights.

Internet special :
Getting a website How to have a website of your own, with the help of some free software.

Double Cross puzzle
Your regular chance to test your way with words.

RISC OS Rhymes
Our poetic Rise PC relates the mad computer enthusiast's song.

USB comes to RISC OS
Iyonix users get a USB mass storage class driver and there's a

USB card reader from R-Comp.

The Double Cross solution
See how well you did with our word puzzle.

Aunty Gill's Journal
Help and advice on some of those more personal problems that the Technical Help team can't tackle.

Club Contacts
Who and where to contact the person for all your membership queries and suggestions.

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