Issue 46

Our Digital Photography Special.

Converting to 32bit
How to get your old 26bit programs to run on the Iyonix.

Start selling in on-line auctions
The second in our series of getting the best from eBay.

Winning game with logic
In the third part of our series we consider what the winning ways of robots show us.

Site seeing: family history
Some of the fascinating websites where you can discover who your ancestors were.

ARM Arena
The future for 26bit games in a 32bit RISC OS world.

The word puzzle
Check your vocabulary with our regular double-cross teaser.

Is it worth going digital
A look at the benefits compared with using film, what you'll need and an idea of costs.

Digital camera connections
Reusable memory cards to replace film and how to get the images from the camera into your computer.

What computer do I need?
The answers and advice given by our Technical Help Service.

Taking a pleasing picture
Tips and a simple rule which will help improve the results from any camera, digital or film-using.

What's coming?
Some of the exciting new developments in digital photography coming now or in the near future.

New versions of free software
All downloadable from the: Club's website.

RISC OS Rhymes
A mew version of a classic poem from our computer bard.

The word puzzle solution
Congratulate yourself or see where you went wrong.

Wakefield Show
Where and when to visit the big Yorkshire event

Expo 2003
Fancy a trip to Holland in June? Here's where the big Dutch show is taking place.

Gill's maternal journal
The perils and problems of producing a spod child.

A free computer, free magazines and some bargain software.

The Latest Score: 1-0
Cartoonist view of Iyonix v Omega.

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