Issue 45

At last a new computer. The Editor wlcomes the Iyonix

Iyonix report
The big review with all the details.

The Midlands Show
The Club makes RISC OS history! as the Iyonix goes on sale.

Site seeing: maths games
Puzzles and games for fun and education.

Winning games with logic
The second part of our series on thinking your way to success.

Odd odes
Don't be a muffet — when you can move to a new machine.

RISCOS South West
Where and when to see the show.

A fast link between the office laptop and home Risc PC.

The word puzzle
Lost for words or can you solve the double cross?

The South-East Show
The work and worry behind scenes of a successful show.

ARM Arena
News of the latest games and high hopes for those which could be coming for the new machines

Gill's emailed journal
Excitement and a touch of danger in the sport. of extreme spodding

RISC OS rhymes
Computer generated poetry that's absolutely unbelievable.

Getting it right at auctions
The best ways to buy and sell on the internet at eBay.

The word puzzle solution
All the words you found and any that remained lost.

You asked — we answered
Some of the queries answered by our free Technical Help Service.

Coming in Eureka 46
What we hope is coming and what you can definitely look forward to next time.

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