Issue 44

Exiting times are still ahead.

Publishing Pack 2
Five programs to add power to your publications even if you're lacking in artistic skill.

Site Seeing : literary learning
Aids for teachers with enjoyable browsing for those who love reading.

A diary for your dates
A diary calendar in Ovation Pro format which you can make yourself or use the pages provided on our website.

A collection of software and a new RISC OS User's Reference Manual now available in a preview version.

Winning games with logic
Learn the technique of winning ways.

The word puzzle
Solve the double cross teaser.

The Midlands Show
See the Club in Birmingham November 3Oth.

Gill's ski slope journal
Our diarist takes to the slopes and ponders the auto recognition power of spods.

Ask a member who knows
More problems solved by the experts manning the Club's Technical Help Service.

Club membership fee
The Chairman explains.

The Club's Constitution
How the Club protects members.

Something's up!
Shady goings on in the Omegus family, as chronicled by our cartoonist.

ARM Arena
What's coming when Omega appears and some old favourites revived.

The word puzzle solution
Check on your success or find the words you missed.

Writing for Eureka
With all the help and advice you need it's easier than you may think to gain those free membership extensions.

For sale
A member's ad for an A420 with a printer included.

Remember when...?
As we wait for the first reports of the released version of Omega we take a nostalgic look back at the exciting days when the Rise PC was new.

After Acorn: worry of Windows
A personal view from the classroom as schools come more and more under the domination of Windows computers and now face higher costs.

Coming shortly
Looking ahead for Eureka.

Club contacts
For information or help.

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