Issue 43

Looking ahead with optimism Omega and RISC OS Academy

Omega appears in Holland
Working perfectly but will the drivers be ready for the launch?

Making history on the Internet
A government experiment allows Internet voting among a choice of four ways to ballot at a Council election.

The RISC OS Academy
The new school of programming from BBC BASIC onwards.

Designing computer games
How to put together that game you just can't stop playing.

Artworks Crystal module
Martin Wuerthner adds the see- through look.

Site seeing : teachers' aids
A new series on interesting websites begins with a look at educational subjects.

ARM Arena
The arrival of TEK and news of other new and upgraded games ready to play or promised.

RISC OS & Linux : Part 4
The concluding instalment of our series gets you emailing.

Computer Crossword
Our regular word puzzle this is a crossword with a computer theme.

Acorn Editor looks ahead
With an optimistic view and some hints of a brighter future for RISC OS and the magazine celebrating its 25Oth issue.

Odd Ode : Shakespeare
The bard goes to the RISC OS Show dreaming of Omega.

Wider range for Acorn Publisher
The magazine's new Editor plans to broaden file interest to attract a wider readership.

Optical mouse
Get rid of the cable, the mouse mat and the fluff.

Happy Holidays
Jan's disfunctional cartoon family make the most of summer.

Getting a new South East Show
The problems and the plans.

Crossword solution
Find those elusive words you may have missed from the puzzle on pages 48 and 49.

Problems solved
Another selection of the questions sent to our Technical Help Team and the answers they found.

Gill's Wedding Journal
More invaluable advice for the spod venturing out on the social scene.

Club contacts
All the names and addresses you might need to take advantage of the Club's many services.

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