Issue 42

Free Membership And More

Virtual Acorn
How to get your Acorn programs working on a Windows PC

The Midlands RISC OS Show
News of the sixth appearance of the Midlands Show coming to Birmingham in November.

Creating decorated text files with a range of styles and effects.

Fitting into a Phoebe
All you need to know if you want to put RISC OS into one of those evocative yellow cases.

Going flat screen
How a flat screen monitor designed for a Windows PC can be used with your RISC OS computer (as well or on its own).

ARM Arena
What's happening on the games scene and where to get some old favourites.

Computer WordSquare
Our regular word challenge. This time to find the computer terms.

Textease grows again and gets a Presentation Editor which can also be used as a stand alone.

Odd Ode : Sad
The tragic tale of a computer owner.

Show Time
Where to find the RISC OS shows in Wakefield and The Netherlands.

RISC OS & Linux : Part 3
Getting onto the Internet — with all the programs you need.

The Omegus Family
Joining RISC OS Select brings it problems to our disfunctional cartoon family.

Gill's stylish journal
Kindly advice for the spod who wants to stay in style.

You asked — we answered
The latest selection of questions sent by members and answered by our Technical Help team.

Computer WordSquare answers
Did you find them all? Compare your list with the answers here.

Club Contacts
The names and addresses for the Club services you may need.

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