Issue 41

RISC OS Design for the future

RISC OS 2001 behind the scenes
How it all happened to get the Show ready in time.

RISC OS 2001 : a visitor's view
How it all appeared to an independent observer.

What is a spod?
Gill Smith answers the question that someone has finally been bold enough to ask.

At home with the spods
The spodding Councillor reveals his way of life in the second of our series.

Nuts to your backups!
The utility which offers backing up your files in the background.

Running a user group
The Chairman of SASAUG tells all.

Ode Ode : The Flaky Song
New, meaningful, words to familiar sweet music.

RISC OS Select : Part 2
The new features for RISC OS 4 and the benefits they offer.

The DoubleCross puzzle
Our regular word teaser.

EasyClip 2+
The long established Graphical Resource Management System gets the ability to generate Web pages full of thumbnails.

Archive Magazine CDs
Fourteen years of articles, reviews and all the software.

Linux & RISC OS : Part 2
Getting a basic system up and running.

Montage creative fractal art
Mathematics and art combine to produce some surprising effects.

Gill's party time Journal
Think 'small talk' is a new computer language? Gill will put you fight and tell you how to cope when you meet those non-spod girls.

Socialise the Omegus family way
If you didn't learn from Gill you could always party with our cartoon family.

The DoubleCross solution
If words failed you here's where to find them.

Club contacts
Those vital names and addresses if you want help or advice.

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