Issue 40

Omega at last?

Linux & RISCOS Alternative
The way to avoid Windows. The first part of a new series.

RISC OS Select
The new subscription plan for keeping your copy of RISC OS 4 up to date.

Making the most of an old Acorn
There's life still in those old machines being given away or thrown out

Parent power can control Internet
A plan to let your children log on in safety.

Odd Ode
The worry of Windows.

The RISC OS 2001 Show
Where, when and how to get there.

How be Show got organised
The planning behind the scenes.

Maze Grid puzzle
Solve the clues to make your way through the word maze.

You only have to ask
Some of the questions which Club members have asked amd the answers provided by our Technical Help Service.

The Omegus Family
Getting up to speed in the latest cartoon of our new series. ^O

RISCOS South West
A note for your new 2002 diary about the Show next March in Somerset

Starting Points
Transform those dull and boring photographs into artistic gems with this new tutorial CD-ROM.

Maze Grid solution
See how right you were (or the words you missed).

Gill's Journal
All you need to know to acquire that geek chic that will make you a cooler spod.

Club Contacts
Who to contact and where to contact them for the Club service you want.

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