Issue 4

Club News : Editorial
The launch of a new discounts scheme for members and reports on recent Club events

Review : Disc-based magazines
Disc based magazines are becoming more popular and now include - Absolutely, ASTE Syracuse and Illusions

Hints & Tips : Labels, tickets, posters
and much, much more Some ideas on how they can be produced using Poster or even Draw

Hints & Tips : Multisync monitors
Do the benefits over normal colour monitors justify the extra expense?

Communications : The worldwide
Archimedes community The majority of people using digital communications .... do so on academic networks

Programming : BASS
The story of the Belgian Archimedes Software-writers Society and their PD program developments

Review : Scanners
Two budget scanners - FaxScan from Spacetech and the 256 grey-scale Scan Light Junior from Computer Concepts

Club News : Help service & Training
A help desk service is now available for Club members and further training courses are to be held in north London

Review : Manchester United European
Edition A football simulation game converted for the Archimedes by Krisalis Software

Review : Air Supremacy
The latest gaming venture from Superior Software with action taking place in the air on the ground and in the water

Review : Cataclysm
This 4th Dimension game has a simple concept - to get a certain amount of liquid from the top of a room to a funnel at the bottom in a limited time

Review : X-Fire
Drive a buggy thingy-bob around in this shoot 'em up game from the 4th Dimension

Review : Pandora's Box
An isometric 3D graphic adventure game from the 4th Dimension

Review : Karma
The 1st instalment of the space/trading game - Karma Flight Trainer - is now available from Periscope Software

Hints & Tips : Which space
Continuing the Elite joust into the deepest reaches of space

Hints & Tips : Human-computer
interaction Simple advice on how to make programs easier to use and look better on screen

Regulars : PD scene
A look at some of the latest Public Domain software - and the first Club PD disc is now available

Club News : Final thoughts
".... thank all the people who are putting some effort into the Club"

Review : Games update
Brief comments on Nevryon 2, X-Fire, Grievous Bodily 'ARM, Lemmings and Mad Professor Mariati

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