Issue 39

Still Waiting And Hoping

The Program that turns graphics filetype icons into thumbnails of the file.

Photodesk Olympic
The new version of the graphics program with all the adds-on and more.

TextArea Upgrade
The new ArtWorks module gets even newer.

Member's Ad
Free computer on offer to a good home.

Number Plane
From the train to the plane with another fun way to learn to use numbers.

ArtWorks Colour Bar Module
The latest add-on to the popular Acorn vector graphics program.

ARM Arena
Into battle again with another major games release and the promise of more to come. ^N

Gill's Caring Journal
With your best interests at heart, our diarist offers advice on how to be cool and suggests a fun way to add to the RISC OS community.

Paradise Graphics Tablet
Using a pad and pen for graphics work.

The DoubleCross Puzzle
The latest word teaser in our popular series of puzzles.

At home with the spods
How many computers do real spods have, what do they use them for and how do you compare?

Odd ode : The Friendly One
An Acorn user puts her feelings in verse.

Hard Disc Companion
The latest version of the old established backup utility.

Meet the Omegus family
An introduction to our new cartoon series.

Now RISC OS has a download management program.

Questions and Answers
Our Technical Help Team deal with the problems of a dead hard disc and some code that doesn't work.

The Double Cross answer
The words with the letters you couldn't fit in the problem on page 51.

Web Sound Plugin
New software which lets you hear some of the sounds on the Web you've never heard before.

DiscKnight to the rescue
One (of numerous) examples of the power of the Club's bargain price data saver.

The RISC OS 2001 Show
Where, when and how to get there.

Coming next issue
What's already planned and what's still a hope.

Club Contacts
Who's responsible and where to contact them.

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