Issue 38

Can I junk my Windows PC?

EasyFont Pro CD upgrade
New features from a new supplier for the popular font management system.

The RISC OS 2001 Show
The Club announces the dates and a new venue.

See you at the shows
Coming soon at Wakefield and in Holland.

The SouthEast Show
Full details of the event, now being held in Luton.

Art in the National Curriculum
A wide ranging CD of resources for use at all levels.

Living with a PC : good & bad
Comparisions between RISC OS and Windows and suggestions for improvements.

Acorn Arena
The latest on the games scene and the return of some old favourites.

Pit your wits to fill the grid.

Editing Eureka
How the articles are an exact fit for the pages and other secrets you've never suspected.

Odd ode : to a mouse
Our new feature introducing a spot of culture among the technology.

Rhyme & Analogy
Volume B of the Activity Software from Sherston and the Oxford Reading Tree.

Rilla & Matthew living with a PC
More experiences of Windows pains and how the problems were overcome.

Textease Database
The trio of programs in Textease Studio is completed with a database which can also be bought separately.

National Curriculum Resource
Free packs containing mow than 80 exercises for Key Stages me to four which come with Textease products.

ArtWorks TextArea module
Add words to ArtWorks the (very) quick and easy way.

Putting your holiday photos on CD
All the details you need to prepare your photographs, whether digital or film, to go on CD-ROM.

The DOUBLECROSS solution
How the puzzle grid should look.

The RISC OS Show Story
The concluding part of how the big show was organised tells of the last few frantic weeks of activity.

Gill's Decisive Journal
Make up your mind to read it now!

Anyone's guide to ARM Linux
How it could make a useful addition to RISC OS.

You've asked...
A few of the stream of questions sent to and answered by the Club's Technical Help Service team.

Club Contacts
Who and how to get in touch with for queries and Club services.

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