Issue 37

Editorial : The Silver Secret
MicroDigital develops Omega

We assess the surprise new computer announced at the Epsom Show and see what it offers to advance the RISC OS scene.

The RISC OS story
The first of a two-part account of the work and planning which produced the successful Epsom show.

Site seeing
Where to find your local computer club.

OvationPro CD upgrade
The latest version of the desktop publishing program is now on CD-ROM.

No problem to our help team
A selection of the latest requests for technical help and the answers our experts gave.

Classworks II
What's on a bargain price CD crammed with educational software.

ARM Arena
There's still plenty of life in the RISC OS games scene with some exciting new releases to come.

The making of DiscKnight
How a programmer's hard disc disaster led to the software to help other RISC OS 4 users recover from those catastrophic crashes.

Around the clubs
What's happening at the Surrey and Sussex and Christian User Groups.

A look at the latest version of the multimedia tool for making CD style projects.

ViewFinder revisited
A second look at the remarkable graphics card which has now had some impressive enhancements.

Web Master
The inside story from the man at the centre of a successful club site.

Gill's Journal: technophobes
Pity the phobia sufferers in our technological world.

RISCOS South West
Where and when to visit the February Show in North Somerset.

Midlands RISCOS Show
Trouble on the roads and a forgetful bus company fail to deter visitors to the pre-Christmas Show in Birmingham.

Maths Keywords
What do those special terms used for numbers and calculations really mean? This is the software to show you.

Coming in Eureka 38
A look ahead to some of the features already lined up for our next issue.

Club contacts
Who and where to email, phone, fax or write for all Club services.

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