Issue 35

Editorial : Lets Show Them The Alternative
The Editor urges the RISC OS community to get together to organise some demonstrations at computer shows etc.

Kinetic comes to the Rise PC
A new, faster, computer and a card to boost earlier models get a detailed assessment.

Better, speedier, surfing with the new browser for RISC OS users.

Draw Interactive Tutorial
How to do, the easy way, things you never knew were possible in Draw.

Site Seeing
The unexpected variety of subjects on

Oxford Literacy Web
Recognising the shapes and sounds of letters makes a game of learning to read.

RISC User a Nutshell
All the best from the former BEEBUG magazine.

Linux 2000 Show
The Show that's helping to establish the all-platforms operating system.

ARM Arena
What's new and what's coming to the RISC OS games scene, including an old favourite with some new features.

Oxford Reading Tree clip art
A collection of favourite characters from the children's educational programs.

Is it love or loathing when you get
to know it better ?

The ARM Club Midlands Show
A date for your diary in December.

Have a chat with IRC
Your Tuesday evening invitation to visit a chat room and join in the gossip.

Get the speed of a PC graphics card on your Rise PC.

Can we help?
Questions to our Technical Help Service with replies that may help solve a problem for you,

What is FTP ?
Here's the answer to another question sent to our Technical Help Service.

Member's Advertisement
Acorns for sale. ः50 each!

Return of the RISC OS Show
Last year's highly successful Show at Ascot is being repeated and, this time, there's free admission for Club Members on Sunday!

Gill's Journal: Food for spods
Gill reveals what not to eat fresh if you really are a spod.

Mental Maths Olympics
Olympic medals for maths when you've learned how to calculate in your head.

Now read on: Part 2
We look at RISC World, the second of the two new CD-ROM magazines.

Club Contacts
Who does what and their address.

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