Issue 34

Editorial : Living with an Unloved PC

The long awaited graphics program offers a powerful new package of design and publishing tools.

Sed and Awk
Is is a bird, is it a plane is it a text processor? Find out in the first part of our new series.

Now read on...
We look at two of the four new magazines for RISC OS users.

Talking Stories
Six more adventures to help children explore the world of words.

Living with a PC: linking up
In the first of a new series, requested by members, we look at how a PC can be added to your main computer.

ARM Arena
Prepare to do battle with some of the new and revived games now appearing on the scene.

Beginner's guide to TeX: Part 4
Our series ends with advice on pictures and tables using LaTeX and looks ahead to some coming developments.

China CDS
Two CDs at a bargain price and your money goes to help people in need. See how much you get when you give.

Site Seeing
Where to find info and advice on the Web, if you're interested in graphics or seaming.

DoubleCross puzzle
No clues but just the letters, and the answers are all part filled in. Easy isn't it? Or is it?

New educational packages with words and number games.

Gill's Journal : Surfing sisters
What women really, really want on the Web.

How you can plot data without a spreadsheet

Acorn Southeast Show
Where and when to see and buy all the latest on offer for your computer.

Number Train
Join the passengers for some number play.

Double Cross solution
The answers you may have missing from the word teaser on page 49.

An opportunity to join the elite band of Eureka contributors, feedback on BT itemised calls and the best of BEEBUG on CD- ROM.

Shows Diary
See you at the Shows in Wakefield, Holland, St Albans and Epsom.

Club contacts
Who does what and how to contact

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