Issue 33

Club News : Editorial
Cheer for 2000 New magazines on CD_ROM

Around the Shows
Two successful events for the Club at RISC OS '99 at Epsom and the Midlands Show in Birmingham.

Two new magazines
Some late news on the two new CD-ROM based magazines.

Number Works
A fun factoryof of machines which turn sums into play.

Qualitative Data Analysis
Doing research and want to sort out the key facts in a mass of data? Here's a progam that could find them for you.

The Archive CD-ROM
Articles. information and programs from the popular subscription magazine and its discs make interesting reading and a valuable reference.

Your questions answered
Our Technical Help team advise on scanners and sources for printer ink cartridges.

Site seeing
Take a look at You may not have seen it all before.

Psions and similar
Some of the new Palmtops coming onto the market and the Web site for finding the programs to use with them.

Feedback : Science Fair revisited
Does the view from the classroom match how the reviewer saw it?

Getting on the Internet : Part 2
The conclusion of our two-part series reveals how to register and what to expect from various free Service Providers.

English Keywords
Words and pictures to explore the language associated with English grammar, punctuation and phonics.

Beginner's guide to TeX : Part 3
Using LaTeX commands and the predefined document styles.

Acorn Southwest Show
Full details of the North Somerset event on l9th February.

The ARM Club Crossword 3
The latest of our popular brain teasers.

DrawWorks Millennium
A collection of graphics and print design packages on CD-ROM at a special price for Club members.

ARM Arena
A look at the latest games and some new ones on the way in the first of a new regular column.

Creative Digital Imaging
A second tutorial CD-ROM from David Cowell leads on from his Introduction to Digital Art.

Gill's Journal : Recognition at last
But are spods really dull and how will they cope with the new Century?

Crossword Solution
Fill in the last few blanks. Member's ad - for sale A5000 computer with a large Selection of software.

Club contacts
Where to get the services you need.

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