Issue 32

Club News : Editorial
A lot can happen in a year!

Another Eureka so soon?
Still reading the last issue? We explain this early appearance.

The RISC OS '99 Show
Where, when and who will be there.

Your way to the Show
By road or rail with a free minibus link from the stations.

Around Epsom
Places to see, things to do, if you want to make it a weekend visit when you come to the Show.

How the Show was born
The Show's organiser looks at the events of the unhappy year which led to Acorn World's successor.

Save ःl : There may still be time to
get those bargain price advance tickets. Note the new address.

Beginner's guide to TeX : Part 2
Using formatting commands to try out your new programming skills.

Practise Science
Self testing with a friendly beat: the enjoyable way to prepare for those National Tests At Eleven.

On the icon bar
A look at some of the essential programs which have earned a regular place on the icon bar.

The Club's Web site
Where it is, how to access it and what you'll find there.

Science Keywords
The words you need to know to learn about the living world, with a library of pictures too.

The ARM Club Crossword 2
Another of our general knowledge teasers (with solution to end the torment)

The Chairman's Drivel
The Club, the RISC OS scene and an invitation to play a part in them.

Getting into desktop publishing
All you need to know to start producing your own publications.

The Acorn Midlands Show
Where, when and how to get to the fourth of our popular annual Midlands Shows, at Birmingham in November.

Gill's Journal : Who's Top Spod?
The quiz to tell you how you rate and find the Club champion.

Free for all : easy upgrading
Where RISC OS 3 users can find some of the improvements that RISC OS 4 users now enjoy.

I'm forever blowing bubbles
How that eye-catching double- page Show advertisement in Acorn User was designed and produced.

Getting onto the Internet
The first of a two-part series with advice and warnings on making your choice of service providers.

Crossword solution
All correct or did you need those tricky answers?

Club contacts : Where to get the
service, help or information you need from the Club.

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