Issue 31

Club News : Editorial
RISC OS4 Arrives. Door open to new generation of Acorn type RISC OS computers

RISC OS 4 released on time
The new operating system and what it offers.

The RISC OS '99 Show
The latest information on the Club's big Show at Epsom which replaces Acorn World.

A beginner's guide to Tex
The start of a new series introducing TeX and LaTeX and explaining their value for writing mathematical, scientific and technical documents. On ftp site.

Keep in touch round the world
Leave your cocoa tins at home and take a laptop if you want to email from down under.

TextEase Multimedia CD-ROM
Version 4 goes triple platform on CD-ROM, with new features and a clip art collection.

lst Statistical Analysis
An introduction to data analysis and why you might find the software more useful than a spreadsheet.

Site Seeing
London's Metropolitan Police reveal their all - including how to complain about them - on their WWW site.

Sony Mavica Digital Camera
A globe trotting test of a camera which uses floppies instead of film.

Feedback : Digital photography
Unfreezing the screen and ezFlyer and where to find a 'cute image viewer' for JPEGS.

In a Whirl
The ARM Club puzzle this issue comes with a challenge to set a new speed record in solving it.

The bargain price CD that gives you some interesting software and helps the victims of Kosovo.

Real Romans
Digital time travel, with book and CD-ROM, takes you on an entertaining trip to life in Roman Britain.

All in a day for RISC OS '99
Just one day's free time work, planning and organising the big event at Epsom.

Free for all
A selection of recommended PD and shareware programs to download when you're Web browsing.

Hints & Tips for Psions 3 & 5
Short cuts you may have missed to make those useful Pocket Books quicker and easier to use.

Club products
Good value and continuing low membership fees are offered with the Club's software and souvenir mug.

Acorn Midlands Show
The ARM Club event for Central and North England in November.

Gill's Journal : Moving house
The adventures of Gill, Toby and a vanload of computer equipment, including a fried modem.

Farewell Eureka disc
Why the disc has now been discontinued and where to get the Eureka programs.

Members' Ads
Offers for a spare computer and computer equipment from two members (who are not leaving the Acorn scene).

Primary curriculum clip art
Pictures with notes for use in schools or by anyone else who wants a useful collection of graphics.

How can I...?
Questions on losing sound and adding a CD writer, answered by our Technical Help team.

Around the clubs
Dates of local club meetings.

In a Whirl - The solution.
Acorn users in Ireland A proposed users group.

Club contacts
Who and where.

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