Issue 30

Club News : Editorial
Coming back to RISC OS

RISCOS Ltd - A new dawn?
At last RISC OS 4 is in production with the promise of new hardware to follow.

See us at the shows
Dates for your diary for the next three months for shows, where you can visit the Club stand, in Wakefield, Holland and St Albans.

The RISC OS '99 Show
Preliminary details, just announced by the Club, of the Show to take over from Acorn World.

Acorn's final exit?
New takeover proposals could mean the end of Acorn as a company but the name can live on.

This week in history
A look back on the events and scenes of the last l,000 years.

The latest version of the clip art cataloguer which can file your collection or leave it on source.

Got a problem ? Help is at hand
The Club's free Technical Help Service is there with quick and expert advice for our members whenever you need it.

PublishArt 98
The graphical resource CD-ROM goes multi-platfom and provides for Web site designers too.

101 Amazing things to do
A hard bound book and a CD- ROM to go with the computer to keep a child happily occupied on a rainyday.

Pocket Book Corner
Keeping your Psion fit and active.

Cameras for computer users
Digital photography is taking over from the darkroom.

Getting into digital photography
One photographer's experience of his first year with a digital camera.

The ARM Club Crossword
A new feature to challenge your brainpower (with a solution in case you're stuck for a word).

Learning and Living
Visit the police station to see how they tackle crime and learn about health and safety.

Making Music : Part 3
Adding the chords and the full melody to the Digital Symphony rhythms. *FTP

World Factbook CD-ROM
The CIA open their files to reveal what they know about the world.

Science Fair
Fun and games at the fairground makes learning less serious.

Site Seeing
This issue we focus on photography and look in particular at digital imaging.

Meet our active members
Three more of the people who keep the Club running in their spare time tell us what they do in the real world.

The Acorn SouthEast Show
Full details of the show being held in St Albans in July.

The Jubilee Line Extension
The sights and sounds of the massive engineering project below the streets and river in London.

Going international with email
How an email address brought a teacher and two new peoples from Missouri to a school in Kent.

The Crossword solution
The answers to the puzzle on page 41. Were you right?

Gill's Journal
The high tech comforters that can ease the wait for RISCOS 4 and the next generation of Acorn-type computers.

The Eureka Disc
Now available on our FTP site. Also on this page : Members' Ads and what's coming in Eureka 31.

Club contacts
All the names and numbers.

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