Issue 3

Club News : Who's Who & Editorial
Including reports on the Club's attendance at the BBC Acorn User Show and the growth in membership

Hints & Tips : Archiving
Not everyone is aware of the benefits in terms of disc space saved of compressing files into archives

Hints & Tips : Virus update
Are they really a problem?

Club News : Labour of Love
".... with support from keen members we can continue to build the Club and increase membership"

Hints & Tips : Model Archimedes
How to use 35mm or larger format cameras to take photographs of the screen

Review : ShapeFX
Border creation made easy with this design program from The Data Store

Club News : The Wakefield User Group
Previously known as the Wakefield BBC Micro User Group, they have regular meetings for users in the locality

Review : DataKing+
An educational database package from Shenley Software

Review : Archimedes Pendown
A word or text processing package from Longman Logotron aimed at the educational field

Review : Turbo Type
A typing tuition program from Cambridge International Software

Club News : Data Protection Act 1984
The Club has decided to remain exempt from registering

News : Games scene
Forthcoming games from the 4th Dimension and Krisalis Software

Review : Holed Out !!
All six golf courses and the designer program in this compendium from the 4th Dimension

Review : Real McCoy 1 & 2
Two compendiums from the 4th Dimension each containing 4 games

Review : Enter the Realm
An arcade adventure game from the 4th Dimension

Review : Break 147 & Superpool
Both snooker and pool simulation games in one package from the 4th Dimension

Review : Zelanites The Onslaught
A Space Invaders type game from Micro Power

Review : C.I.S. Adventure Pack
Three of the highly acclaimed Magnetic Scrolls adventure games have been bundled together

Hints & Tips : Cheats & High scores
For Zelanites, Quazar, Pipemania, PacMania, Terramex, Apocalypse, Holed Out, Thundermonk and Man At Arms

Hints & Tips : Which space
A new Archimedes Elite column

Hints & Tips : Confessions of an ARM3
owner The advantages of upgrading the processor and one user's DIY experience

Regulars : PD scene
A look at some of the best Public Domain software recently released and some other PD news

Hints & Tips : From Noah to the Arc
A personal viewpoint on the transition from using a BBC Model B to an A3000

Hints & Tips : DTP FX
How a DTP package can be used to create cassette tape inlays

Hints & Tips : Letterbox
Is there a means of communicating between different packages especially data transfer?

Club News : Final thoughts
"As the Club grows the members will reap the benefits"

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