Issue 29

Club News : Editorial
It's Not The Time To Change To A PC

Club changes
Toby Smith takes the Chair in a Committee Room reshuffle and there's an offer you can't refuse to take an active part in running the Club.

Club News : A report on the
Acorn Midlands Show, a look into the Club's future and a reminder of some of the services offered to members.

Words from the Chair
Our new Chairman is optimistic about the future and reassures that there's no doom or gloom in the Club.

Easiwriter Pro
New upgrades to a versatile Acorn word processor add extra facilities for Internet and PC users. * Special offer for members.

Site Seeing
Go touring in time, from Ancient Rome to the Millenium- Dome, in our latest survey of Web sites worth visiting.

Acorn Shows calendar 1999
The latest information and dates for your diary.

A new shareware text string and filename finder from Austria shows its paces at impressive speed. On disc

All in a day of a Show Organiser
What went on behind the scenes at the Acorn Midlands Show.

Feedback : Letter filing
A suggested improvement for the organised way to file letters suggested in our last issue.

The 123-CD
First steps in mathematics the fun way.

Professional Typography Expert
A CD full of fonts, with a selection of useful utilities, offers all the type faces you are likely to need.

Introduction to Digital Art
The first published review of the new tutorial CD-ROM released by Spacetech in January.

Around the Acorn world
Catch up on what's been happening, including Acorn's change of name and plans to release RISC OS 4.

Still worth reading
As well as Eureka, there is still good selection of magazines to keep you entertained, informed and in touch with the RISC OS computer scene.

Easy When You Know
Using Paint, it can be simpler than you think to customise clip art to give you the graphic you want.

Rhyme and Analogy
A new CD-ROM to teach the young to rhyme and reason, in pictures and play.

Getting into video editing
The final part of the series deals with the use of complementary material.

Phoenix OS
Could this be the successor to RISC OS?

Making Music : Part 2
Melodies and rhythm from your keyboard. Ondisc

Pocket Book Corner
Communicating with a Psion and storing all that data.

Easy When You Know
Tips for using Agenda on a Pocket Book.

BETT '99
Acorn still survives in the big annual educational show.

Eureka disc changes
New distribution system for future issues.

The Club's Discount Scheme : Full
details, a list of participating companies and a photocopiable order form.

Meet our active members
More of the people who keep the Club running are revealed. 72 ^D In Eureka 30

Club contacts

Eureka Disc : BeebIT
A Public Domain BBC emulator

Eureka Disc : DSym2Wav
Digital Symphony to WAVE converter

Eureka Disc : DSymPlay
Digital Symphony Player

Eureka Disc : LongFiles
Long Filename support

Eureka Disc : PhotoFiler
Provides pictorial example of pictures

Eureka Disc : RealAudio
Real Audio Support

Eureka Disc : RNDPass
Password Generator

Eureka Disc : Monopoly (HD disc only)
Famous Board Game

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