Issue 28

Club News : Editorial
"At the time of writing the future of Acorn computers is shrouded in uncertainty... The plot continues..."

Acorn News : Alas poor Phoebe
The tragedy of the birth and pitifully short life of Acorn's long awaited baby Phoebe

Hints & Tips : Publishing on a CD-ROM
The modern DIY alternative to writing that book - also on Eureka disc

Review : WIMPBasic and WIMPWorks
A comparative review of 2 WIMP programs - WIMPBasic from Clares Micro Supplies and WIMPBasic from Jaffa Software

Hints & Tips : Making music
Part 1 - The start of a new series to get your computer tuneful - demo of Digital Symphony on Eureka disc

Regulars : Gill's journal
Marrying a 'spod' - and how you too can get a computer-user friendly girl

Review : MenuBar and WorkTop
Two further applications which complete Graham Crow's Desktop Suite available from APDL - demo versions on Eureka disc

Hints & Tips : Video editing
Part 2 - considering the quality of sampled video and how to use Irlam Instruments' Videodesk application

Review : Sleuth 3
Version 3 of Beebug's successful Optical Character Recognition program finally makes OCR quicker than typing

Hints & Tips : Tried & trusted tips
On solving a SCSI scanner problem, making a file appear the first one in a directory, and organising letter filing

Programming : Using the Toolbox from
BASIC Part 6 - Allocating a filetype and how to add load and save facilities - also on Eureka disc

Review : Dazzle Plus
The latest version of the graphics package from SEMERC designed for use in schools but used by professional artists

Review : Exodus
A trading and battling in space game from R-Comp Interactive - do you remember Elite on the BBC?

Communications : Site seeing
Exploring the Internet to take a trip to Little Norway, drop in on the Royal Family, and surf the seas of the Napoleonic navy

Communications : Online Club chats
Join the chattering classes on IRC and find if talk really is cheap when your 'phone bill arrives - also on Eureka disc

Club News : Meet our active members
Get to know the people behind some of the familiar names amongst The ARM Club's members

Review : Personal Accounts 4
An upgrade to Apricote Studios' accounts program with an even better way of tracking where all the money goes

Review : CueMaster
An Acorn powered cue prompter package from X-Ample Technology used by Dutch television for presentations and TV shows

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Three's company on honeymoon when it's bride, groom and a Psion

Regulars : Worth reading
A look at other Acorn magazines as seen by their editor and by a regular reader - Acorn User from Tau Press

News : New plans and new names
Demo contest survives the cancellation of Acorn World and the new art program Project Avante becomes Vantage

Eureka Disc : Sums (HD disc only)
A freeware program which creates basic mathematical sum sheets very quickly

Eureka Disc : Rename2 (HD disc only)
A powerful file renamer which allows many different files to be 'intelligently' renamed

Eureka Disc : raFS (HD disc only)
The latest version (1.14) of the long filenames filing system

Eureka Disc : WebGet (HD disc only)
An application which can download whole Internet sites for offline viewing

Eureka Disc : MouseOff
Stops screensavers being deactivated when you jog the mouse by accident

Eureka Disc : Display (HD disc only)
A text viewer/ARM code disassembler in only 7K

Eureka Disc : SwFonts (HD disc only)
Turn on/off outline fonts in memory

Eureka Disc : Ticker (HD disc only)
BBC Online News viewer (version 0.23e)

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

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