Issue 27

Post Publication News : End of an Era
On 18th September Acorn announced the closure of its WorkStations division, and the cancellation of the Phoebe/Risc PC 2 project and of Acorn World 1998

Club News : Editorial
Digital photographic magazine 'Photon' features the new hardware/software from the Wakefield Show in its latest issue

Review : Phoebe and Peanut
A full report and assessment from the Wakefield Show of Acorn's Phoebe/Risc PC 2 and IMS' Peanut portable computers

Review : Photodesk Plug-in 2
Spacetech's add-on to Photodesk adds ten design effects including Chrome, Glaze and Twirl

Hints & Tips : Boot file favourites
An example of how to set up an A5000 Boot file to run a series of favourite applications - also on Eureka disc

Hints & Tips : Jargon buster
An explanation of some of the acronyms that can make the Internet so confusing

Review : Organizer
A shareware Filofax from Chris Morison including diary, anniversary, address book and calendar features - also on Eureka disc

Review : Pluto
Jonathan Duddington's alternative news and email Internet reader/writer for Voyager, ANT, Acornet and Termite

Hints & Tips : SCSI cards
The (limited) available choice and how one user decided

Review : ShortCuts
R-Comp's program for automating the desktop - opening directories, running programs etc - at the press of a button

Regulars : Secret lives
5 - The Secretary - Chris Price

Club News : The ARM Club discounts
scheme Take advantage of the special offers now available to Club members from a growing list of Acorn companies

Events : The Acorn Spring Show
A report on the Wakefield Show with the first glimpses of Phoebe and Peanut plus a major new graphics package

Review : Sherlock
Play detective to find the missing text in this educational word game program from Topologika

Review : Fun With Texts
Brighten up the learning in English, French or Spanish with this educational program from Camsoft

Review : Observess Expert System Shell
Get your computer answering questions like an expert with the latest version of Cherisha Software's application

Hints & Tips : Tried & trusted tips
On making posters waterproof, running both Windows 3.11 & 95 on a PC card, and extracting email attachments from Windows 95

Review : Pretty Good Privacy
A free alternative encryption program to keep electronic mail away from prying eyes

Hints & Tips : Video editing
Part 1 - Getting started with computer- based video editing and the hardware and software needed

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including a practical demonstration of mobile computing and a review of EnRoute a route planner CD-ROM from Palmtop

Communications : Site seeing
The first of a new regular column exploring the Internet for interesting Web sites

Events : Acorn Expo98
Acorns still draw the crowds at the annual Big Ben Show held in Utrecht, Holland attending by The ARM Club

Events : Acorn World '98
The official Revelation demo party will take place in the show theatre

Club News : Membership joining fee
Whilst the cost of renewing an existing membership remains unchanged, the cost of joining The ARM Club has been raised

Club News : Training days
Are you interested in getting the most out of your computer? Would you like to learn new skills or enhance them?

Eureka Disc : AutoFocus
Automatically change focus of windows

Eureka Disc : BASICGrab
An application that can extract BASIC files from compacted absolute file types

Eureka Disc : CacheTog
A module to toggle the StrongARM cache on and off using key presses

Eureka Disc : CDPlay
A small program for playing audio CDs with a similar display to a filer window

Eureka Disc : ChrNum
A utility to convert a keypress to its ASCII value

Eureka Disc : Connector
A freeware communications package that provides terminal emulation for RISC OS 3+

Eureka Disc : Flames
A small program that emulates flames

Eureka Disc : SetClock
A small ultility to display and set the date and time

Eureka Disc : WatchTV
A utility that converts the Eagle M2 card (and a suitable TV tuner) in to a TV

Eureka Disc : XEarth
A utility that plots a globe on the pinboard, rotating in real time as the earth rotates around the sun.

Eureka Disc : Delirium2 (HD disc only)
A screen saver program with demo like functionality

Eureka Disc : Juliana (HD disc only)
A screen saver pack for Delirium

Eureka Disc : Savers1a (HD disc only)
A screen saver pack for Delirium

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

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