Issue 26

Club News : Editorial
The time has come for Acorn to cast off the final veil and reveal the as yet unnamed Risc PC II at the Wakefield Show

Eureka Disc : A4
A directory of useful A4 applications

Eureka Disc : FinalLook
An application that makes a pre Risc OS 3.5 machine appear much much more attractive

Eureka Disc : JFShared
A suite of resources that quite a few PD applications require to run (like Pager2 - also on Eureka disc)

Eureka Disc : Pager 2
An Internet or Intranet paging utility where the message can be directly sent between machines faster than email

Eureka Disc : QuickFiler
A utility which allows the use of many standard shortcut keys in conjunction with the Filer

Eureka Disc : Resistor
Works out the resistor colours for a given value of resistance

Eureka Disc : Splatter
An extra module for use with ArtWorks

Eureka Disc : Glass (HD disc only)
Replaces the sprites in the ArgoNet Voyager Internet suite

Eureka Disc : Grab (HD disc only)
Grabs the WIMP system sprite spool (ROM or RAM) and saves as a sprite

Eureka Disc : QServer (HD disc only)
Provides easy connection to Internet Quake servers

Eureka Disc : QTalk (HD disc only)
Talking to Quake servers application

Eureka Disc : RevInvite (HD disc only)
A demo explaining about the Revelation Demo Party

Club News : The Kent Acorn Show
A report on The ARM Club's open day and AGM in March which included a nostalgic jumble sale with some historic items

Review : DrawWorks Designer
The latest version of the bolt-on program which won a Best Graphics Software award for iSV Products

Review : Tiger 5
The latest version of the big cat(aloguer) utility from Graham Crow - trial version also on Eureka disc

Review : Matti Mole's Summer Holiday
Play games and explore pictures with another educational winner from Sherston Software

Review : Illicit & Jaguar
Two modestly priced utilities from X Developments to encrypt/decrypt files & give files/directories extra narrative

Club News : Annual General Meeting
A review of The ARM Club's year and its plans for the future

Club News : Constitution and Bye-Laws
The updated rules of The ARM Club

Review : FontFX 6
The latest version of an old favourite font manipulation program from The Data Store

Review : 1stSpex
Educational interior designing with the junior version of Spex from Aspex Software

Review : CDFast 2
A software application from Eesox to help speed up CD-ROM drives

Review : Cromwell The Fire Fighter
A new fire safety package on CD-ROM from Cambridgeshire Software House describing the day to day activities of a fire brigade

Review : AppByType
A file type identification utility from Cherisha Software to help track down the source of those blank icons

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including Psion 5 email and Web clients, rumours of an Acorn Pocket Book 3 and Psion 3c/Sienna connectivity

Club News : A quarter of **ups & errors
A guide to what's gone wrong recently - membership cards, Eureka 25 discs and Freepost - and how you can help

Review : TextEase HTML Reader & Writer
An early version of a new utility from Softease which provides a simple way of converting TextEase pages into HTML for a Web site

Review : DataPower 2
The new relational version of the powerful database from Iota Software

Club News : Around the (other) Clubs
A visit to the well established North West London Computer Club and a look at the first year of The Surrey and Sussex Acorn User Group

Review : TriLink
Log on to Bulletin Boards (BBS) with this feature laden and speedy terminal package from Bajorasoft

Programming : Using the Toolbox from
BASIC Part 5 - Edit and delete the events created in the diary program - also on Eureka disc

Review : Doom Trilogy
Let battle commence in the Acorn Arena with the long awaited games conversion from R-Comp Interactive

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

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