Issue 25

Club News : Editorial
Acorn has been considering whether to end the production of desktop computers ... but the idea has been dropped

Events : Acorn World '97
A report of the attractions at Acorn World including some exiting new hardware developments that were on show

Review : Task Force Clip Art Collection
The latest CD-ROM collection of clip art comes to Acorns with DIY conversion programs - from Akalat Publishing

Hints & Tips : Jargon buster
The differences between vector (or line), bitmap (or pixel) and mathematical (or algorithm) graphics

Hints & Tips : CD Name Fix
Fixes RISC OS filetypes and file names when copied off a CD using a PC - also on Eureka disc (NB. RISC OS 3.5+ only)

Review : Bearsheet 2
A junior spreadsheet from ERIC for teachers and others, who don't like spreadsheets

Review : Rocks, Minerals & Fossils
A CD-ROM from AVP that explores the fascinating world of rocks, crystals and fossil remains of extinct creatures

Review : Memphis and TempDir
Two utilities that offer more flexible alternatives to the RAM disc - also on Eureka disc

Club News : Notices
The ARM Club can now offer a chargeable hard disc backup service (on to a Gold CD) to its members

Review : Schedule+
A new organiser program for the Pocket Book from a new name in Acorn software houses - X Developments

Review : Hunter 3
A versatile new search program to hunt through files and directories - also on Eureka disc

Club News : Enjoy an active membership
You're never too young ... or too old ... to take an active part in The ARM Club

News : Special report
The Risc PC gains recognition for its digital imaging, a British Computer Society award for TextEase and an Apple portable to link with the Acorn

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Psion 5 postbag - dealing with a jammed stylus, external sound recorder/player, browsing the ROM, conversion software update, cases/holsters/holders/wallets

Programming : Using the Toolbox from
BASIC Part 4 - Adding entries to the diary and scrolling through diary entries - also on Eureka disc

Regulars : Worth reading
A look at other Acorn magazines as seen by their editor and by a regular reader - Archive from Norwich Computer Services

Hints & Tips : "I hate computers"
How some enthusiasts and too much technical jargon can cause outsiders to ignore the real benefits of computers

Review : PublishArt 3 illustrated list
The illustrations of the graphics in Smart DTP's PublishArt 3 collection are now available from Flipside Web Design

Communications : The demise of DigiBank
After 5 years of good service one of the most popular Acorn Bulletin Boards goes off line for ever

Club News : Write for Eureka
As a member of The ARM Club you are invited to join the team of writers who contribute to Eureka

Regulars : Secret lives
4 - The Membership Secretary - Toby Smith

Club News : Club contact changes
Some important changes which have been made to The ARM Club's address, phone and fax numbers

Review : Matrix Early Learning Packs
The first of a new series of task packs for young children or for those with learning difficulties - from Le Computer

Review : Acorn Clan (CD-ROM) Games
Contains demo versions of - Eternal Destiny, Last Offence, Iron Dignity, Inferno, Emotions and Wizard Apprentice

Events : BETT report
Examination time for the big educational show, which gets a good pass for its Acorn content

Club News : Around the (other) Clubs
The Christian Acorn User Group offers fellowship and service with news, information and a PD library

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
A full catalogue of The ARM Club's PD library with a viewer application

Eureka Disc : Programs
Anti-Exit, ANTUtils, AppsTime, Finder, Start, StuntEd, TextInfo, ToHTML, AutoVCache and WimpTiles

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