Issue 24

Club News : Editorial
Acorn unveils ... the latest hardware developments ... at Acorn World

Review : Handwriting & Planes CD-ROM
An educational package from Topologika Software designed to encourage better handwriting and reading skills

Review : Sound Byte Recorder
A revamp of the Printer Port Sampler package from Argo Interactive

Regulars : Secret lives
3 - The Treasurer - Simon Burrows

Review : Ridiculous Rhymes
More educational laughs from Sherston Software with some potty poetry

Review : The Tony Nash Collection
A CD-ROM collection of Medieval and Victorian fonts and associated graphics from The Datafile

Review : The Spectrum CD
Get nostalgic for the rubber keys and garish borders with a CD-ROM of 3000+ games from Warm Silence Software

Programming : Using the CLI/Command Line
Interpreter Part 2 - Inside the !Boot directory - how to customise the start up sequence

Review : The Datafile PDCD 5
Another CD-ROM from The Datafile containing a mixture of new and updated PD utilities, games and clip art

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
About creating more space for PC programs and loading and listing files in Edit

News : On the move ...
New addresses etc. for Eesox, The Datafile and Warm Silence Software

Programming : Using the SYS statement in
BASIC How to gain access to the operating system's internal routines with one of the most useful keywords in BASIC

Club News : Eureka cover discs
High Density discs have become the norm but users of older Acorn computers can still receive Double Density discs

Club News : Opportunities for Software
Writers The ARM Club could publish your work or make your idea a reality

Review : Drifter
Take to the air with the latest race game from the 4th Dimension

Programming : Using the Toolbox from
BASIC Part 3 - The diary begins taking shape with some functions added to the Toolbox shell - also on Eureka disc

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
A full review of the new Series 5 from Psion UK

Club News : Around the (other) Clubs
Oxford Acorn User Group, Manchester Acorn User Group and Arche Acorn User Club (Germany)

Programming : Web page design
Part 5 - Using lists and image maps and how to find examples of HTML coding from Internet pages on the World Wide Web

Hints & Tips : PC Emulator
Feedback on how to get the PC Emulator working on a StrongARM Risc PC

Regulars : Worth reading
A look at other Acorn magazines as seen by their editor and by a regular reader - RISC User from Beebug

Events : Acorn World '97
The Club's plans for Acorn World, where Acorn are showing their latest hardware and offering some free software

Eureka Disc : Apps
PDF (file viewer application), RiscPCB (desktop PCB designer) and the latest version of StrongHelp

Eureka Disc : Program
ASM (full function assembler), KaData (module of useful routines) and SocketFS (sockets filing system)

Eureka Disc : Utilities
PsionFS (converts Psion 5 MBM files into Sprites) and LineEditor (for repeating command line commands)

Eureka Disc : Toolbox
Contains a !System folder with all the Toolbox modules (which are needed by several programs on the Eureka 24 disc)

Eureka Disc : ArcWeb192 (HD disc only)
The very latest version of the web browser

Eureka Disc : Utilities (HD disc only)
AFormat (non standard disc formatter), SmallDir (allows selective display of small icons) and AutoCache & StrngCche (automate switching the StrongARM cache)

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

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