Issue 23

Club News : Editorial
New logo costs ः5,000,000 - the reported cost is for the BBC not for The ARM Club

Review : How to be Bottom
An educational package from Topologika Software based on Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Review : WimpBASIC
A new application from Clares Micro Supplies designed to help produce multitasking WIMP programs

Programming : Web page design
Part 4 - Using transparency with images and more on adding links to HTML Internet pages on the World Wide Web

Review : DrawAid 3
A program from Carvic Manufacturing that lets you use your BASIC ability for drawings you can't do by hand - examples on Eureka disc

Programming : Using the CLI/Command Line
Interpreter Part 1 - Under the icon bar - system variables, macros and aliases

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
About ArcFS module space, Alt/Break on the Risc PC, deleting a RAM disc and using the Copy/End keys

Hints & Tips : PC problems on a Risc PC
Further feedback on 'How not to fit a new IDE drive' on moving PC partitions and copying DOS system files

Review : More Cherisha cheapies
Recall (reloads applications), RamDisc+ (management utility) from Cherisha Software

Review : Hatch ArtWorks module
A plug-in module from Computer Concepts to add texture to ArtWorks efforts

Programming : CALL statement in BASIC
How to call a useful BASIC routine, even when you are programming in Assembler - also on Eureka disc

Hints & Tips : Jargon buster
The differences between High Density (HD) and Double Density (DD) discs and which Acorn computers use which discs

Review : XStitch 2
The program from iSV Products that turns graphics into embroidery - with the addition of a little needlework

News : Psion Series 5
Psion UK have at last launched the replacement for the 3a/3c/Pocket Book

Programming : Using the Toolbox from
BASIC Part 2 - Continues work on a desktop diary written in BASIC using Acorn's Toolbox - also on Eureka disc

Club News : Future Eureka cover discs
High Density discs will become the norm but users of older Acorn computers will still receive Double Density discs

Events : Acorn World '97
Where, when and what to see at the big show this year plus save on the ticket price with the chance of a big prize

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
One drop too many can damage the Pocket Book hinge and Acorn data transfer problems with the newer Psion machines

Club News : Around the Shows
Acorn Spring Show (Wakefield ACG), Acorn South East Show (Welwyn Hatfield CC), Kent IT Show and Acorn Expo '97 (Holland - Big Ben Club)

Communications : Internet Service
Providers Who can connect you to the Internet, what you need and what it all costs

Review : BookMaker DTP
An 'easy to use' desktop publishing program for use in schools from The RESOURCE Centre

Hints & Tips : Can you help
With a crashed hard disc, problems with Almanac, getting Acorn's PC Emulator to run on a StrongARM Risc PC

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

Eureka Disc : Beeps
Sound effects to replace the System 'Beep' on a Risc PC or A7000

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
A full catalogue of The ARM Club's PD library with a viewer application

Eureka Disc : Discounts
The latest news about The ARM Club discounts scheme

Eureka Disc : FileUtils
AddSlash, Broom, CFT, Closer97, Echo, LockDir, RMVersion and Set-Type

Eureka Disc : Software
EDITPAL, Mesh, Rota, SpiroLat, ZoomChars and Books

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