Issue 22

Club News : Editorial
It's Show time again ... and again - and The ARM Club then, now and in the future

Club News : The founder's story
How Rene Barreto founded Club A3000 to help learn about computing and turned it into The ARM Club with an international membership

Review : Maker series
Get organised with a new series of programs from Carlton Software - DateMaker, MailMaker and MemoMaker

Review : Tizzy's Toybox
Play it often and play it loud with this educational package from Sherston Software

Events : Forthcoming Shows & Open Days
Dates for your diary - The ARM Club will be attending various computer shows in 1997 and early 1998

Hints & Tips : Graphics
Altering vector clip art - if you can't find the clip art you want, just change the clip art you've got

Programming : Using the Toolbox from
BASIC Part 1 - How to produce multitasking applications using Acorn's Toolbox and an understanding of BASIC - also on Eureka disc

Review : The Risc Disc 3
The latest of The Risc Disc CD-ROM collections of PD, shareware and demos from Uniqueway

Hints & Tips : PC problems with a new
IDE drive Feedback on 'How not to fit a new IDE drive' with suggestions as to how to solve the problems with the PC partition

Club News : Chairman's report
The new Chairman, Mark Smith, makes his first report on recent and future ARM Club activities

Club News : Around the (other) Clubs
The birth of The Surrey And Sussex Acorn Users' Group/SASAUG at a small hall in Horsham

Review : Five Star selection
A selection of PD discs with games and utilities as well as educational programs from Five Star Marketing

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
About using Impression, three methods for creating a RAM disc and keyboard auto repeat/delay timings

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Small can be powerful when the Acorn Pocket Book is used in education or even drenched in water

Hints & Tips : Help
Can you suggest computer programs for a senior member, a family history program, find a printer driver or locate a manual

Programming : One line wonders
Programs, like pieces of string, can be any length but don't have to be - also on Eureka disc

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book
Including the Bring facility, special characters, grouping, SSD's, repairs and PD/shareware

Communications : Is the Internet too
popular Rather than join the weekend traffic jams on the Super Highway try the quieter routes of the BBS/Bulletin Boards

Eureka Disc : Event
A desktop diary application

Eureka Disc : FCFS
Allows you to read disc images from any disc on any filecore system and compact or compress the images

Eureka Disc : Inferno
A playable arcade game demo of the first budget game from Paradise

Eureka Disc : SerTest
A utility to check if the serial port is working, if the modem is connected or what communication speed to use

Eureka Disc : SpecialC
A small module that converts the Filer displays of CDs and DOS discs/partitions from capitals to mixed case characters

Hints & Tips : Finding printer codes
How to find those useful, but sometimes elusive, printer codes in the printer driver - also on Eureka disc

Review : PublishArt 3
Add to your clip art collection and get some extra fonts and demos, all on one CD-ROM from Smart DTP

Review : Mr Clippy
Sort out your pictures in a funky colourful window with a singing accompaniment - from iSV Products

Hints & Tips : Help
Is there a Risc PC compatible version of EMR's Studio 24 and why are Risc PC600 DOS formatted discs not readable by PCs

Club News : The ARM Club web site
The same Internet address but now bigger and better

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

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