Issue 21

Club News : Editorial
Entering the New Age of StrongARM - but Beebug moves into the PC marketplace

Review : EasyFont Professional
Upgrade to Fabis Computing's font management system

Hints & Tips : TextEase DTP
Tips for using Softease's TextEase DTP program and some useful general hints

Review : Aegis 2
Educational package on geography and world development from AUCE (Advisory Unit for Computers in Education)

Hints & Tips : Graphics
Designing a logo to create and convey the right look for a corporate image

Programming : Writing RISC OS modules
Part 6 - Demonstrating how to write modules which provide their own set of SWI calls - also on Eureka disc

Review : The Cherisha collection
BoardMenu (pinboard utility), Acquaint (database) & RemindMe (reminder program) from Cherisha Software

Review : VoiceMail
A program from VTi that can convert your voice modem into a telephone answering machine

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including reviews of the new Psion 3c and Siena, DPBank utility and (not) a watery end for a Psion

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
About colour palettes, Obey files and screen blanking

Club News : Renewing your membership
All you need to know about keeping in The ARM Club

Events : BETT '97
Xemplar and rivals show their wares in the education marketplace at Olympia

Review : Internet Suite II
Try your hand with the well-known commercial Internet package from specialist networking company ANT

Club News : Chairman's statement
The Chairman, Steve Arnold, begins 1997 with a decision and an announcement to step down and hand over the reins

Regulars : Secret lives
2 - The (new) Chairman - Mark Smith

Review : Zip drives
Back up your software on the latest portable hard disc drive for the Acorn from Argo Interactive Group

Review : TextEase DTP
Trying out the latest version of Softease's TextEase and finding if it really is easy

Club News : Getting in touch ...
There are better ways to contact The ARM Club than telephoning at 3.00am on Christmas morning

Hints & Tips : How NOT to fit a new
IDE drive It all seemed perfectly straightforward in deciding to fit a new IDE drive to a Risc PC

Regulars : Arnold's observations
In an attempt to help you keep to those New Year resolutions

Review : Dune II
The CD-ROM version of this popular strategy game from VTi

Events : Acorn World Show report
Managing to keep your Acorn credit card under control when joining the crowds at Olympia

Hints & Tips : Help
Have you got an Ultimate Expansion System hard disc and/or can you offer some much needed help on one

Eureka Disc : Creator
The latest version of the shareware graphics conversion utility

Eureka Disc : PackDir
The latest version of the shareware data compression utility

Eureka Disc : SGUpgrade
Upgrades StrongGuard to the latest version and optionally installs a new release programs database

Eureka Disc : UUCoder
For anybody using Internet software that does not support the sending and/or receiving of UUencoded files

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
A full catalogue of The ARM Club's PD library with a viewer application

Club News : Club contacts
By e-mail, post, fax or telephone

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