Issue 20

Club News : Editorial
What's happened to Eureka - the new look starts here

Review : Ovation Pro
The new desktop publishing program from Beebug is put to the test by using it to produce this issue of Eureka

Programming : Writing RISC OS modules
Part 5 - Dealing with advanced vector usage - also on Eureka disc

Review : Canon BJC-4100
A visit to the PC 'box-shifters' in search of a colour printer bargain

Club News : Around the (other) Clubs
Bottisham Acorn User Group, Derbyshire Acorn Risc Club and Acorn Users Auckland Inc (New Zealand)

Review : Dazzle
A bright new kid on the block among art packages from SEMERC

Review : Dr Smith's Toolkit
Dr Smith's new programming prescription for a C Development Toolkit from Warm Silence Software

Hints & Tips : Pocket Book corner
Including alternative means of making backups and a brief review of PsiWin

Programming : Making links on the Web
Part 3 - Adding links and images to HTML Internet pages on the World Wide Web

Eureka Disc : Catalogue
PD catalogue and viewer

Eureka Disc : RiscUtils
A collection of half a dozen or so utilities in one program

Eureka Disc : T1toFont
Some new additional codings for the Acorn application

Eureka Disc : TexturGdn
An algorithmic texture generation program

Eureka Disc : WimpFetch
Written to aid the understanding and teaching of the Fetch/Execute cycle used by every CISC computer (NB Risc PC only)

Review : Music Maker
An educational music program aimed at the elementary learner from The Resource Centre

Regulars : Arnold's observations
Jaunting down memory lane and looking forward to rambling around Acorn World

Hints & Tips : Well I never knew ...
About copying/deleting files, using Rhapsody on older Acorn computers and opening directories

Regulars : Secret lives
1 - The Chairman - Steve Arnold

Review : Connector
Try this PD communications program as a way to log on to some favourite Bulletin Boards

Education : AUCE where teachers learn IT
A review of the services offered by the Advisory Unit for Computers in Education

Review : Tabby Graphics Tablet
How Tabby can get rid of the mouse when used for art/graphics work - from First Computer Centre

Club News : More active membership
Your club needs you

Review : RSDFS and QuickLynk
Comparative review of 2 programs which can provide a cheap network alternative - RSDFS from ARMed Forces Software and QuickLynk from Desktop Projects

Review : Global Effect
Take control of the world and save it a few times in this (currently non violent) simulation game from Eclipse

Review : RISC OS 3.7 arrives
Improvements included in the latest version of Acorn's RISC OS for StrongARM computing

Events : Acorn World at last
"There is more innovation in this year's show than at any previous event"

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