Issue 2

Club News : Editorial
It's finally here .... the first official Club magazine's finally arrived

Review : Magazine discs
A comparison between the discs from Archimedes World, Archive, Micro User, BBC Acorn User and RISC User

Hints & Tips : The all new Archimedes
virus collection Taking sensible precautions now should avoid any problems in the future

Review : Impression 2.13
Computer Concepts have released an upgraded version with several new features

News : Games scene
Forthcoming games from the 4th Dimension, Krisalis Software and Micro Power

Review : Nevryon
A horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up game from the 4th Dimension

Review : Drop Ship
A shoot 'em up type game from the 4th Dimension involving flying through different levels and gravity

Review : Powerband
A Formula 1 racing car game from the 4th Dimension

Review : Saloon Cars
A rally car driving game from the 4th Dimension

Review : Boogie Buggy
A dodgems game with a cute feel to it from the 4th Dimension

Review : Chocks Away & Extra Missions
A bi-plane flight simulator from the 4th Dimension

Review : Master Break
A snooker type trivia game from Superior Software

Review : Blaston
A vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game from Eterna

Hints & Tips : Cheats & High scores
For Terramex, Nevryon, Drop Ship, YAIG, Orion and Hostages

Club News : Gallery
A selection of Draw files created by Club members

Hints & Tips : DTP FX
How the Club's first newsletter was created along with its various effects

Hints & Tips : Banner
How a banner can be created from the software supplied with an A3000

Hints & Tips : Letterbox
Letters and feedback on the subjects of User Groups, Group Purchases and The Cost Of Free Software

Club News : Showing off
A report on the second official Club show held at Mill Hill School

Review : ARCticulate
Not a game but an animated speech synthesiser from the 4th Dimension

Regulars : PD scene
An explanation of what Public Domain software is and some details of the latest releases

Club News : Music User Group
Musicians of all ages and abilities can benefit by joining this new branch of the Club

Hints & Tips : A long SCSI story
Compatibility problems with a SyQuest SCSI removable hard disc and (various) podules/SCSI interfaces

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